Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to term 3. We hope that you enjoyed the holidays with your family!

Mrs Stafford, Mrs Kirley and Mrs Lloyd


Even if your child is a Free Reader, reading at home is vital for a child’s development. Please ensure your child reads daily. Raffle tickets are given out every time a child reads.

Spellings are really important! We will continue to hold our test on a Friday.  Please support your child by encouraging them to practice regularly.

Core Learning


Term 3 – Reach for the Stars!

I can identify something that I need to practise and get better at.
I can make judgements about my work using the success criteria.
I can identify what I need to do in order to complete a task.

Dates for the Diary

W/C 13.01.20 Maths Enterprise Week

17.01.20 Maths Enterprise Sale

22.01.20 Year 6 Tent Experience Day

W/C 03.02.20 Fairtrade Fortnight


Cinema trip

Please download full details – 2019-20 Y6 Cinema letter

Secondary Application- deadline 31.10.19

Please ensure you have applied for your child’s secondary place by 31.10.19. The links below will help you. Please come and see us if you have any additional questions.

08.10.19- Secondary Applications

Thank you to all the families that came along to the Secondary Application Information session this afternoon. As promised, we have included Jim’s presentation and links to websites that may help you with your application.

Please remember the deadline for all secondary applications is 31.10.19. If you have any questions or concerns then please come and see us as soon as possible.

Download: SMP Secondary Application Information Session

Link to the online application system

Link to the paper application

Link to the ‘My Neighbourhood Tool’ – Use this to find out the ‘Area School’ for an address and home to school distances

Link to information about what happened in previous years.


Maths Enterprise Week 2020

Our Year 6 Mathematicians had a busy week leading up to the Maths Enterprise Sale; they decided to make 15 pizzas to sell. They conducted market research, represented their findings in pie charts, created their products and made promotional posters. 
The whole week was an overwhelming success and Year 6 made a profit of around £45. The profit will be used to buy resources to support the children’s learning in class.
A huge thank you to everyone who came along and supported the Year 6 Mathematicians. They were really proud of their themselves!
We hope you enjoyed the pizza!

20.01.20 Sea Mills 100

Today the year 6 Historians were joined by members of the Sea Mills 100 project. We went on a local walk and found about the Homes for Heroes. The children looked at different styles of houses and found out when they were built. The children were then able to estimate when their own home could have been built. Next week, the children will be attending Snack, Chat and Reminisce. During the session, our Historians will interview local people to find out about how Sea Mills has changed over time. Invitations to the event will be sent out later this week. 


Since returning from our Christmas break, year 6 have been looking at information texts – in particular non chronological reports. We used a website – – to create our own animals. We looked at the features of non chronological reports and discussed language. Then, we planned our writing and then completed our big write. Finally we edited and redrafted our work choosing how to present it.


Today, as Scientists, we learnt how to classify objects using a classification key. To begin with, we use Liquorice Allsorts to help understand that this has to be done on appearance. We will move on to classifying animals next!


This week, in year 6, we have been researching products to make in class to raise money. We decided to make and sell pizzas!  We have really enjoyed every minute from completing market research, to making the dough and pizzas from scratch.  More info to follow!

Term 2

As Authors we used a film as a stimulus – The Unknown Boy – to help us in our writing.  We wrote a newspaper on the events the led up to the supernatural occurrence.  In order to prepare, we interviewed the Head of the School (Mr Kinnear) and the police man (Mr Davies). The children asked some wonderful questions and the Mr Kinnear and Mr Davies played their parts fantastically!

18.12.19 Christmas Lunch!

Today we all enjoyed a Christmas lunch cooked by our wonderful kitchen staff. We listened to festive music and wore Christmas jumpers and festive hats.


Today we designed and built bridges to celebrate our learning from last term. We were engineers just like Brunel! After we had created our incredible designs and built them, we then tested them with various weights to see which was the strongest.  Only one bridge managed to survive the Robinsons squash bottle! Well done to everyone –  not only were you amazing engineers today but you also worked fantastically well in your teams!

Diversity Month

During Diversity Month, year 6 found out lots of interesting information about a range of diverse authors, artists and athletes. They also found out important people who have fought for equality in our world.

Here are some pictures of year 6 creating their own aboriginal artwork. 

22.10.19 Tag Rugby

Today year 6 took part in a Tag Rugby taster session. Coach explained the rules then the children took part in a 20 minute game. There were some great tactics being displayed by the children! 

If your child would like to take part in the after school club then please see the office staff.

Class assembly – who were the greatest engineers?


Today, the children had a fun but exhausting trip into Bristol city centre. To begin our day, we walked to Sea Mills train station where we hopped on a train to Temple Meads. We looked at the building and discussed the history of it.  We then walked to meet the captain of our boat run by The Ferry company. We went on an hour tour around the harbour. We discussed how the city has changed over time and looked at important items that had been engineered around the Victorians.  Next, we got off the boat to be greeted by Mike from Historical England.  We had lunch at Brunel’s Buttery – a massive thank you to the staff for letting us have 3 benches.  Then, we took a historical walk back to Temple Meads where we boarded the train home. A fantastic day out! Well done everyone and it didn’t even rain!  


Core Learning Skills- year 6 have been working on their team work skills. They worked in groups to build a tower which could hold a full water bottle for one minute! It was more tricky than it sounds! 


Year 6 are on a reading mission! Every time they read a book and write a short book review, a picture of the front cover will be displayed in the book corner. This is a celebration of our favourite books.


Today, Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Stonehenge! On arrival, we sat and had a picnic. Then, we boarded a small bus for a short trip to see the stones. They were amazing! We discussed how engineers 5000 years ago would have moved the stones. We then had a 2 hour workshop which was split into 2 parts. To begin with, we looked at how Stonehenge was built – tools and techniques used. Some of us dressed up in skins and clothes from the period whilst others rebuilt Stonehenge itself.  After that, we visited a Neolithic village and the children experienced using a mill to make flour. They also constructed fences using a weaving technique. The children had to work in a team to ensure the wood didn’t snap.  The final activity involved making rope using reeds like those used to move the stones all those years ago.  The children were fantastic and managed the bus journey very well. We could not be prouder of them. It was a great trip and we learnt a lot! Well done Year 6!


Over the weekend, Beth won a prize at the Sea Mills Flower Show for her adorable photograph of her guinea pig. Well done Beth! 


Year 6 have paired up with Year 2 as reading buddies. Today, the children shared their books with each other. This opportunity will continue across the school year – they are all really looking forward to it!


Year 6 have been working very hard as Authors this week. They have been using slow writing to help with structuring their writing. Our current stimulus is a short video call The Alchemist’s Letter – find out more by asking you child!


Today, year 6 have been learning how to read and create numbers up to 10,000,000. They did fantastically well and should be very proud! Well done!


Whilst being Artist, Year 6 took the opportunity to use our new flexible seating arrangements.  They children really enjoyed this and it is something that we will embrace across the curriculum as the year progresses.