Year 6

Welcome Back!

We hope you all enjoyed a relaxing and enjoyable break with your families and friends. Term 4 will be a busy but fun term for the children!

Mrs Kirley will continue to teach the children on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Mrs Stafford will be teaching the children on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. Miss Palmer and Ms Cannon will also be supporting the children in class.

As the SATs are fast approaching, the children are beginning to ask more questions. If you have any questions or          concerns, please make an appointment at the office to come and see us.

Core Learning


Term 4 – Knowing Me, Knowing You

  • I can identify ways of encouraging friendships.
  • I can use simple strategies to modify my mood positively.
  • I can take an interest in the positive qualities and interests of others and compare them to my own.

Dates for the Diary

Friday 1st March– Life Skills Trip
Thursday 7th and Tuesday 12th March– Parent’s Evening
Friday 15th March– Comic Relief– Wear something funny for money.
Thursday 4th April– Year 5 and 6 Camp Meetng

Maths- 01.04.19

Today, year 6 began to use the language of ratio. They used cubes to model their ratios.

Eco Week 13.3.19

Today year 6 planted seeds and took part in an interesting workshop about renewable energy.

Henbury School 

Next week Henbury School are holding two open mornings on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th March from 9.30am – 11am and an open evening on Tuesday 12th March from 6pm-7pm.

This is to enable parents and students, who have been offered a place at Henbury, to meet with the Acting Head of School, Joe Ambrose, and learn about all the fantastic work happening and their exciting plans for the future.


A reminder to parents that the full balance for camp is due no later than the 15th February.  Without this payment your child’s place is not guaranteed.

There will be a meeting on the 4th April 3.15 – 3.45 for all parents and children to discuss camp and  questions/concerns you may have.  A reminder will be sent out about this nearer to the time.

Trip to The Create Centre

Year 6 went on a trip to The Create Centre for our life skills trip. The children learnt a variety of different life skills ranging from what to do in the event of a fire, to resuscitation.  They had a very interesting morning!

12.2.19 Funk It Up!

Year 6 had an exciting dance taster session today. Everyone had a great time showing off their best moves!

Anyone who would like to take part in the after school club can get a permission slip from their class teacher. 

Mystery Reader

Year 6 were very lucky to be visited by a mystery reader on Monday. Coach came into class and read a story of survival to the class. 
The children really enjoyed listening to Coach. He also enjoyed it so much that he’s volunteered to come back again later in the term. 


This week year 6 are beginning a new book called Survivors. The first story will be focusing on is the survival story of Douglas Mawson. To begin to understand how Mawson must have felt on his expedition, year 6 put up tents in the rain! Their team work and perseverance was amazing and the tents went up in no time at all.

A huge thanks to Mr Kinnear for helping year 6!


After learning about fossils earlier in the week, the children enjoyed moulding clay and creating their very own.

This week has been English week! On Thursday, the children took part in a whole school book swap. Year 6 really enjoyed swapping in their old books for new ones.


Today in year 6, we learnt all about how fossils were made. The children then had to match fossils to their past living animal.


Year 6 had an amazing Real PE lesson this week. We played Crossing the river where we had to practise our communication skills and team work. They were amazing!

“Best PE session ever!”


PE- Seated Volleyball
Today year 6 played Seated Volleyball. They introduced new rules throughout the lesson to adapt the game. To challenge themselves physically, year 6 tried to lift their feet off the ground. It was harder than they first thought!


Year 6 have been looking at propaganda posters used during World War 2. They discussed common features then created their own posters.


Year 6 took part in a very energetic rugby session today. They demonstrated great team work and strategic skills!


In preparation for the ‘Snack, Chat and Reminisce’ event, year 6 went on a walk around the local area. The children had original plans of houses and a range of maps which they used to discuss how Sea Mills has changed over time.

Week 4

Year 6 enjoyed using a range of resources, such as counters and cubes, to investigate square and cube numbers.

28.11.18 Snack, Chat and Reminisce

Year 6 interviewed older Sea Mills residents on 28th November who were attending the ‘Snack, Chat and Reminisce’ event at St Edyth’s Church.  They found out some amazing local stories which they are going to report about online.  Watch this space for a link to read them.  The children’s attitude and interest was fantastic – we have some great budding journalists!


This morning, Year 6 were introduced to their new Guided Reading text which is a The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. They used atlases to locate the different countries and cities mentioned in the story.


The celebrate the WW1 centenary, year 6 created silhouette art work. They carefully used paints to create the backgrounds then created the silhouettes using black paper.

01.10.18 Secondary Transfer Process Information Session

This afternoon, we were visited by Jim from Schools Admissions. He gave parents lots of very useful information about the Secondary School application process. Jim has very kindly allowed us to put his contact details on our webpage. The closing date for applications is fast approaching so please email or call him if you have any questions or concerns.



Some amazing Maths taking place in the classroom today.  Children had to discuss written and mental methods and explain their reasoning.

Can you work solve this?

Jasmine and Kamal have been asked to work out 5748 + 893 and 5748 – 893. Jasmine says, ‘893 is 7 less than 900, and 900 is 100 less than 1000, so I can work out the addition by adding on 1000 and then taking away 100 and then taking away 7.’

What answer does Jasmine get, and is she correct?

Kamal says, ‘893 is 7 less than 900, and 900 is 100 less than 1000, so I can work out the subtraction by taking away 1000 and then taking away 100 and then taking away 7.’

What answer does Kamal get, and is he correct?

If you disagree with either Jasmine or Kamal, can you correct their reasoning?


Today, we celebrated harvest.  We had a special assembly in St Edith’s Church where everyone shared how different countries celebrate harvest. We chose to look at Thailand and discovered lots of amazing information.  We also used pointillism to create paintings of lychee.  During English we played ‘Sick sentences’. The children had to improve the sentences on each roll of the dice.  In maths we carried out an investigation on adding numbers which tested our knowledge and perseverance!


Year 6 conducted an experiment to see which material would work as the best insulator.  We learnt a lot and recorded our data ready to write up as a proper Science investigation next week.


In maths, we were using written methods to add two or more 5-digit numbers. We then applied our knowledge to a problem solving activity.


Each class was given the task of finding out about Harvest in different countries around the world. Year 6 chose Thailand! The children found out about the delicious tropical fruits that are grown in Thailand such as Rambutans, Lychees, Dragon Fruit and Young Coconuts. Previously, the children had been learning about Pointillism in art so they used their skills to create paintings of the fruits. A lot of time and care went into creating these masterpieces!


Today year 6 worked on their sentence structures.  We also visited the nursery. Some of the children enjoyed sharing books and joining in with their activities. For golden time, the children voted to play capture the flag!


Today the children were very luck as we had a visitor from Clifton Rugby Club. We had a very energetic 30 minutes playing tag rugby during which the children learnt about ‘quick feet’. There were some amazing dodges that took place and no one was sent to the sin bin! Well done everyone!

A rugby after school club will be taking place – please see letter for more information.


Today the children worked together in ‘R’ time to create a flower with an even amount of petals. Together, they had to then colour it in at the same time. The children are becoming great at discussing their ideas and planning how they are going to work together.

Spanish Day 18.09.2018

During Spanish day, the children looked at ‘The Weeping Woman’ by Pablo Picasso. We used some of our new techniques from mark making to recreate the image in a pointillism style. The children (and Mrs Canon) had great fun coping the image and then using cotton buds and paint to create their own colourful images.

Term 1 Enquiry 

What’s Really Out There?

A mysterious package arrived in class containing a letter written in a secret code. The children cracked the code and worked out their mission for the term. We will be learning all about our Solar System. The children have already thought about what they would like to learn and have placed thoughtful questions on our  Wonder Wall!


Displays and Children’s Work
Take a look at some of our work and sometimes us in the classroom. You are always welcome to come into school and take a closer look. You can see from the displays in our classrooms the variety of topics we cover. As the year progresses, the displays change. By July, you will be able to see the whole range of subjects we have covered. Our Working walls help us learn – the content builds as the term progresses.