Year 6

Welcome Back Year 6!!

Welcome back Year 6 families. We hope you all had an enjoyable half term break and have recharged your batteries ready for another busy but fun term!
Please ensure your child is bringing a change of clothes and shoes for Athletes. PE kits should include trainers or daps, shorts and joggers and a t-shirt. PE is held outside so clothing should be appropriate for the weather. We also have swimming on a Wednesday. Remember children will need to come to school ‘pool side ready.’

Meet the Teacher

Year 6 Meet the Teacher presentation

Year 6 Padlet for parents and carers


Even if your child is a Free Reader, reading at home is vital for a child’s development. Please ensure your child reads daily.
Spellings are really important! We will continue to hold our test on a Friday. Please support your child by encouraging them to practice regularly. They can also use Spelling Shed—an online resource.

Core Learning


Term 6 – Speaking and Listening



Dates for the Diary

Swimming EVERY Wednesday
Tuesday 15th June Music Workshop in school
Thursday 24th June– PTFA Picnic on the playground
Monday 28th June– Sponsored Walk
Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd July– Mosaic workshop– details tbc
Monday 5th July – Production to parents*
Wednesday 7th July – Production to parents*
Friday 9th July – Reports out to families
14th July—Year 6 celebration day
16th July—Ice cream van
20th July—Leavers assembly—9.05– 9.30



Year 6 children taking part in the music workshop.

Sports Day 2021

Earlier this week as Athletes, Year 6s held their Sports Day! The sun was shining and we all enjoyed having a go at all the different activities including javelin, running and a variety of relays.

Engineers – Spaghetti bridges

Building on our learning, we had the opportunity to create our own bridges using spaghetti! We had to make sure they were strong enough to hold a bag of sugar. The tape and elastic bands allowed us to create different structures and junctions. Some were more successful than others!

Inspiration from Rube Goldberg

Year 6’s Enquiry this term is all about ‘Who were the greatest engineers?’. As Rube Goldberg was one of the most famous inventors and engineers, we took inspiration from him to create our own Rube Goldberg inventions! We had to think about how we could create a chain reaction to result the marble or a plastic bottle tipping into a box. We enjoyed exploring how to use trial and error to help develop our ideas.

05.05.21 – Life Skills Day

Although the Year 6s couldn’t go to the Life Skills Centre in person, we still enjoyed virtually exploring their centre and completing the different activities in school! We learnt about how to keep ourselves and others safe in different scenarios. For instance, we thought about how to position someone if they are unconscious and how supermarkets use the traffic light system to indicate if the level of salt, fat or sugar in their product is healthy or not.

April 2021: Visit from the Police

Earlier this week, we had 2 police officers come in to talk to us about anti-social behaviour and how to make our community a safer place to live in. We had a chance to ask lots of questions and even had a go at holding some of their equipment!


Year 6 have been learning about the heart. This week they worked together to make a huge collage of the heart using a range of different materials.

Scientists – 01.04.2021

Year 6s enjoyed having hands on experience dissecting ox hearts. We were able to see the structure of the heart and the different chambers. It was surprising to see how big the heart was compared to human hearts (which is the size of our fist).

Authors – term 4

Over the past couple of weeks, our year 6 Authors have been writing newspaper reports based on a video called ‘Francis’. They started the unit by looking at a range of newspapers to spot common features. They even looked at some newspapers from South Korea; they were surprised that they could spot features that they found in the English papers despite not being able to read the text! 

Scientists – What’s in our blood?

This week, Year 6 have been learning about how our circulation works by creating our own circulatory system in the classroom. They had to collect oxygenated blood (red cards) from the heart and deliver it to other organs. We then learnt the different components and their roles in our blood and enjoyed creating our own fake ‘blood’! We used water with yellow food colouring to represent the plasma, Cheerios mixed with red food colouring to represent the red blood cells, mini marshmallows for the white blood cells and finally, some oats for the platelets.

Christmas Sponsored Walk

On the last day of term, Year 6s took part in the Christmas sponsored walk. They thoroughly enjoyed it and some children were even jumping for joy!

Best decorated classroom

Last week, all the classes were judged on how well they have decorated their classrooms. This week, it was announced that Year 6 and Reception are the joint winners for the best decorated classrooms!

Philosophers- RE

This week we had a lesson about the Nativity and the true meaning of Christmas.

Year 6 – Korean Cooking Day

On Wednesday 9th, our year 6 made some kimbap (Korean sushi) using kim paper, rice, carrots, cucumber, crab sticks and pickled radish. Rolling kimbaps can be a bit tricky, but they all rose to the challenge and created some beautiful rolls!

Caring at Christmas

Our wonderful year 6 Authors have written letters to a local care home in order to cheer up the residents. Here are a few of our class proudly showing off their letters. 

Festive fun- 08.12.20

This afternoon, Year 6 made traditional Christmas decorations using oranges, cloves and ribbons. The classroom now smells festively wonderful! 


Today our engineers created their own probability counters on a spreadsheet. They were looking into the probability of numbers on a dice being thrown.


The Year 6 Mathematicians used their understanding of converting improper fractions to mixed-number fractions and vice versa in a game of dominoes.

Scientists 10.11.20

In enquiry, Year 6 have been learning about Linnaeus and Darwin. Today, as scientists, Year 6 identified plants using classification keys.

Scientists 04.11.20 

Today, year 6 have been scientists and have learning all about classifying objects. To begin with we started with All Sorts. Next week we will begin to apply this knowledge on classifying animals and plants.

Mathematicians 04.11.20

Today, our Mathematicians used Fractions Walls and concrete resources to identify equivalent fractions. They extended their own learning by exploring how to make a whole using fractions with different denominators. 


Our year 6 Mathematicians have been identifying factors and multiples of numbers using counters.


Our year 6 Artists used the knowledge they had gained in Science about light and shadows to create their own silhouette artwork. 


This week, our Musicians were treated to an African drumming workshop. All the children played the Djembe drums and found out about their history. 

Bikeability 2020

This week, some members of Year 6 have taken part in Bikeability on-road training. After bike checks and some practising on the playground, the children went cycling around Sea Mills. They learnt how to ride and cross the road safely on their bikes.

Chocolate Creations

This week, our year 6 Engineers have designed and created their own chocolate bars and packaging. During their Authors sessions, they also created their own persuasive adverts.

September 2020

Applying for a Secondary School Place

As you are aware, the deadline for applying for secondary places is 31st October 2020. For any advice about how to apply for your child’s secondary school place, please follow the link below. The link will take you to the Bristol City Council website where all the important information can be found.


For more information about local secondary schools and their virtual tours, please follow the links below.

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