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Welcome back. We hope you enjoyed your half term despite the wind and rain! We are looking forward to meeting with you in weeks 2 and 3 for Parent’s evenings. The dates are listed below for you to see. If you cannot make either of the dates please let us know as we would really like to meet with every family. Our new enquiry question will start this week so keep your eyes out on our enquiry board and website for what we shall be finding out…

Online diary

You should all now be accessing your children’s learning diaries online. If not, please see one of us and we can solve the problem for you. We will be sharing the journals with the children so please send in observations of what you get up to at home.


Coming soon…

Core Learning


Term 3 – Reaching for the Stars! 

The children will be setting goals and targets for themselves in an area they want to improve.

  • I can say what I need to get better at.


Dates for the Diary

3rd March – COW ( Celebration of Work) Day

4th March – Parents Evening

5th March – World Book Day

10th March – Parents Evening

16th March – Shakespeare Week

30th March – Big Pedal Week

3rd April- End of term

20 April- Start of Term 5


Today a few of us who were in school decided to check on our froglets. They have grown so much bigger over the past week with long back legs. We carefully put them in a box and then carried them to our pond. Gently we caught them in a net and gently lowered them into the pond. I wonder what they will look like when we all come back to school?

Thursday was so exciting for all of us. We had a classroom full of story characters and even had a reenactment of “ Goldilocks and the three bears” . Can you spot any familiar faces?

Today we have finished off our “ What lives under the sea?” enquiry question. We looked through our beautiful floor book and then decided to draw, write or label our under the sea creatures. Please come into our room after the holidays to see our floor book and discover what we learnt in term 3. 

We’ve been busy….again. This week to finish answering our question “ What lives under the sea” we had a visit from Hector’s dad. He is a vet and was able to tell us more about creatures that live under the sea. We really enjoyed learning that octopuses have three hearts. 


We also learnt about coral being animals and they can die if the sea is too hot or cold.

This week we had a great new experience. We joined the whole school for celebration assembly on Friday morning. We were so proud to see our friends get their certificates. We will be doing this every week so please come and join us next week at 9am Friday in the hall!

A week of new experiences! We went to the Aquarium to help us answer our enquiry question “ What lives under the sea?” . We had an incredible day and learnt so many facts. Come and see what we learnt in our non fiction books we’re writing next week. The Aquarium gave us lots of food for thought. We created giant sized sea creatures, created jellyfish and even made a huge megladon.

On Friday we had a visitor who taught us about Chinese New Year. We learnt it’s the year of the rat this year and we were all born in the year of the goat. We celebrated with a banquet of noodles and prawn crackers and all tried using chopsticks.

We’ve been enjoying being Mathematicians and preparing for the Maths Enterprise sale. As we’ve been looking at shapes and their properties we decided to bake and decorate shape biscuits for the sale. We spent time talking about a sensible price to sell our biscuits for and the children voted to decide. We shall be selling them all and seeing how much profit we made. We shall let you know!

What a start to the term! Thank you all for coming to see our Nativity . Even though we performed it in January it felt like an incredibly special performance and the children sang their hearts out- we were all so proud of them.
Following on from our incredible Nativity performance we had a special secret Sea Mills cinema experience on Friday morning. We started with looking at a variety of tickets and listing lots of events you need to buy tickets for. We made a huge list and then someone mentioned the cinema. We talked about our cinema experiences and then One of our class remembered his question he asked  before the holidays linked to the sea. Our enquiry question which was started by one of the children is “ what is under the sea?”. I then explained we were going to watch “ The snail and the whale” as our new question is “ what lives under the Sea”. The children made their tickets independently adding coins too make a total of 4p. They then went to the secret cinema and watched the film with popcorn. We all loved it!

Thank you all for attending the Nativity. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and we were so proud of their acting and singing- what an incredible performance.

What an end to term 2. We had a visit from one of our parents who kindly taught us the story of the nativity. Afterwards we all enjoyed activities based on Christmas. We also finished off our enquiry with a delicious healthy banquet choosing a selection of foods we all like and know are good for us.

The dogs trust
We had a visit from Helen from the charity “ The dogs trust” .  She showed us how and when to stroke a dog. She also showed us how and when to show a dog we love them. We also learnt some songs – see if your child can remember any of them…. here’s one of the verses she taught us

If a dog is sleeping leave them alone, leave them alone, leave them alone , if a dog is sleeping leave them alone cos dogs like sleeping!

Last week we worked lots more on our Enquiry question- Why do we need food? We discussed a variety of foods and which foods were healthy and not healthy. We decided to make a vegetable soup. Children worked in groups to decide which vegetables would be added into their soup. They then practised their physical skills by peeling and chopping the ingredients. After that, we headed to the kitchen to fry the vegetables and add the stock. Eventually , we tasted our soup and shared it with family and friends in school. Did you try it? Which was your favourite? This week we will be having a visit from a baker so why not ask the children what they found out?

This week we are fundraising for BBC’s Children in Need. We rolled out our dough ( which took a lot of hard work!). We then chose our shapes and cut the biscuits out. After that , they were cooked for 8 minutes. Our last job was to decorate them before the sale. We really hope you enjoyed eating them and we’ll let you know how much money we raise! 


Thank you so much for your support for Children in Need. Reception Class raised £40 by selling biscuits and wearing our pyjamas. Thank you again!

This morning the children used different coloured paper to make their own poppies. They cut out the shapes they needed and stuck them together using glue. Once all the poppies were finished we stuck them down to make a wreath. During our minute silence we laid the wreath on our class steps. 

Today we made edible sparklers for bonfire night. The children were told the instructions and then were left to make their own sparklers.  I hope you got to try them before your child ate them all!

What a great start to term two! This week we have been really busy . We started off with firework celebrations; making a variety of paintings, chalk pictures and edible sparklers. We also had an exciting new experience on Friday. We met our Year 5 reading buddies. Every week, half of Reception Class will go to Year Five to read to their reading buddy and the other half of Reception will stay in our class to read to their buddy. Here are a few pictures to show you how much fun we had. Why not ask your child if they can remember their reading buddy’s name or age?

United Nations fair

What a brilliant end of term. We enjoyed getting our creation ready for the United Nations fair . We linked all of our learning and after we talked about a variety of homes around the world we went in a walk around Sea Mills. We looked at the different types of houses and buildings and then we all worked together to make our own Sea Mills street. We hope you all enjoyed seeing our hard work!

Being artists with nature inspired by James Brunt

We went out with boxes to collect the autumn leaves and some sticks. Once we had collected enough we worked together in two teams to lay the leaves and sticks out to be artists and make a picture! What do you think of our art work?

Busy Few Weeks

What a busy few weeks we have had . Whilst making new friends we have also been learning all the new routines of school and exploring the school and playgrounds. We have been learning in the outdoor and indoor areas(even in torrential rain!). This week we started learning some Spanish and we were lucky to have a visit from some of our Spanish speaking families. It was such a lovely day full of learning new words and a variety of activities. Hopefully , the children all came home with some new Spanish words to teach all the family. 

Stay and Play

What a lovely few days. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the children during stay and play sessions. They have all enjoyed a variety of activities both inside and outside. It was great to watch them all meeting new friends and learning together. We even learnt where everything goes in the classroom and helped one another to tidy up. What a fantastic start to the year!