Welcome to Reception, it has been a busy start to the term but the children are doing well.  We have been getting to know each other and encouraging children to make new friendships as well as enjoy being with friends they are familiar with.  Miss Lewis teaches the class on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon and Friday, while Mrs Wimpenny teaches the children on a Wednesday morning and Thursday.

We also have Mrs Reddick, who is covering Mrs Hancock’s maternity leave, as well as Miss Hirthe who both support the children with their learning.

We understand that there is a lot to familiarise yourselves with and lots of new information coming your ways so please keep talking to us all I ask is that you consider the timing and that the morning isn’t always the best time as we want to ensure the children are safe and settled.

Core Learning


Term 2 – It’s up to you!

We will be working on different skills the children need to be independent  learners.

The I cans we will be learning  are:

  • I follow the class rules.
  • I can take responsibility for jobs in the classroom.
  • I can find things to help me.

Dates for the Diary

Science Week 6th—10th Nov

Record breaking astronaut attempt—10th Nov

Celebration of work—

Parents Evening 22nd & 28th Nov

Reception Nativity @ St Edyth’s Church 5th Dec 10:00 AM

Christmas Fair 7th Dec

Parents Christmas Craft  afternoon 8th Dec


Displays and Children’s Work
Take a look at some of our work and sometimes us in the classroom. You are always welcome to come into school and take a closer look. You can see from the displays in our classrooms the variety of topics we cover. As the year progresses, the displays change. By July, you will be able to see the whole range of subjects we have covered. Our Working walls help us learn – the content builds as the term progresses.