​Welcome back 

Welcome to Term 6! We hope you all enjoyed a lovely and sunny half term and are ready for our final term in Reception. This term, we will continue to have P.E. On Wednesdays and also visit the Outdoor classroom every Friday. Our enquiry question is “ What goes on water” which will lead to lots of exciting scientific investigations and hopefully lots of water play in the sunshine! We are also looking at the story Mr Gumby’s outing as Authors. Please continue to check both the diary and website for updates . Our newsletter contains all the important dates for the term.

As usual, any questions please direct via email or the diary.

Meet the Teacher

Download: Reception Class – Meet the teacher 2020

Core Learning


The children will be learning ways to organise their ideas and will share their ideas with others in the class.

Term 6 – Speaking and Listening


Dates for the Diary

Monday 7th June-Start of Term 6

Friday 11th June– Reception Class hearing test.

Wednesday 16th June– Reception class Sport’s Afternoon (children only)

Friday 9th July—Class outing

Friday 9th July-Children’s reports come home

Thursday 15th July-9.30 am Moving up day (meeting new Teacher Mrs Georgiou and seeing Classroom)

Tuesday 20th July– End of Term



Term 5

Term 5 continues to be an exciting term full of lots of lovely new learning. As we continue our growing topic, we are regularly caring for our seeds and seeing some of them start to grow. We were so excited to return to school on Monday and find that one of our froglets is now a tiny frog. We are going to release him into the pond on Friday when we head to the Outdoor Classroom again. Inside the classroom we have been enjoying looking at bugs and being Scientists, looking carefully at their features. Thank you for meeting with us on Zoom to discuss your child and their progress. 

Spanish afternoon

At the end of Term 5 we all enjoyed some exciting activities. For our Spanish afternoon we looked at the artist Pablo Picasso and made some incredible self portraits which will be displayed in school for everyone to see what amazing Artists we are. On Friday afternoon, we celebrated the end of term with our fire pit and toasting our own marshmallows. In the morning we had made some safety posters which will go in the Outdoor Learning hut to remind other children how to stay safe when near fires. We all really enjoyed it and were so impressed that the children stuck to our forest school rules!

Reception Class have a new pet!

This week has been full of excitement as Reception Class have a new pet! Mrs Lloyd has given us this gorgeous little tortoise so we have named it Lloydy! The children have been quietly trying to see her eat, walk and even some of them have made amazing artwork and writing to decorate her new home. We are also continuing to watch the remainder of our tadpoles grow as some turn into froglets while others just appear to be getting larger and larger. We are continuing with Friday afternoons in the Outdoor classroom so please make sure children have appropriate clothing. 

Tadpoles finally turning into frogs!

This week we celebrated our tadpoles finally turning into frogs. We have been carefully observing our tadpoles grow into froglets and we’re delighted to find we had two tiny but beautiful frogs in our tank. Having enjoyed looking at them in our tank with the other tadpoles we decided it was time to take them to their new home, the school pond. Having said goodbye, Miss Hirthe carefully lowered them into their new home where they quickly hopped away to start a new adventure . We all celebrated by enjoying the outdoor classroom and lighting a fire to toast some bread which we enjoyed with some milk . 

Outdoor Classroom

We have started our weekly learning in the Outdoor Classroom. We are spending 2 weeks in small groups to remember our outdoor learning rules and then we shall be enjoying it as a whole class for the rest of Terms 5 and 6. Please make sure children have a change of clothes left in school on their leg incase they need a change of clothes.

The enormous turnip

This week we have been retelling  our whole class story “The enormous turnip” and thinking about what grows. We have planted some seeds and are now trying to help them grow by watering them and placing them somewhere light. We have also visited the Outside classroom which we will be using weekly for lots of exciting activities!

Pond Dipping

What a lovely start to our Term 4. We went to our outdoor learning classroom and went pond dipping. We found lots of frogspawn and now have it in the classroom. We noticed some tadpoles after a few days so have a tank with some tadpoles in our room. This week we have started to learn the enormous turnip , why not see if we can tell you the story with actions at home? We are also planting some seeds this week and hopefully will be growing on our playground so that in Term 5 we can cook some of the things we have grown! 

Looking for signs of Spring

What a busy few weeks we have had. We have been busy practising and filming our Class Nativity and also making lots of festive decorations for our class room. We’ve even been practising singing in Spanish . This week we are looking forward to enjoying our Christmas lunch and hearing story from Santa. 

Christmas Story

We had a visit from a parent who came in to retell the Christmas Story.  She brought in some knitted characters from the story for the children to guess and told us a different version of the Christmas Story that followed the same story line as We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. The children had actions to join in with the story.  After we had listened to the story the children went off to make their own donkeys using stickers, pegs and card! We had lots of fun!

Diwali, Festival of Lights

We learnt about Diwali, festival of lights.  One child came in wearing some traditional clothes and the children described her as looking like a princess.  We were told all about how Hindu’s decorate the inside of their houses with lamps called diyas.  The children were lucky enough to also taste some homemade Indian sweets.  The children were really good at tasting the new food and enjoyed learning about the preparations people make for the festival.

Gingerbread Man

This week after a day of home learning we continued our Gingerbread Man story. We have been practising telling the story and then some children wrote our own little book based on the “ That’s not my….” stories. Friday was a highlight for all of Reception as we worked in teams to read the clues left by the gingerbread man himself ! We made predictions about what he may have left for us and some children guessed correctly……we were treated to our very own gingerbread biscuits. We all enjoyed our reward at fruit and milk time. Delicious!

Road Safety

This week we practised Road Safety and instead of going out and crossing roads , we made our own. We practised Road Safety and how to cross a road sensibly with an adult. We have also been busy as Artists and Engineers getting our roads and cars ready and then on Friday we were able to all enjoy playing with it ( even the wet weather couldn’t stop us!). 

Click on this video to watch Reception Class practising their road safety featuring a whole street made by the children! I wonder if the children can remember and explain to you what we were learning and why?

This week as Authors we changed our story of “ The little red hen” to “ The black and white cow”. She if your child can tell you our Class story with actions. We performed our story to Mrs Randall via zoom and she said we were amazing Authors!

We started Term 2 with a bang! As Artists m we produced beautiful firework pictures which are created when you dip a teabag in paint and then throw it on the paper! We also became Engineers and made rockets out of boxes and tubes.

On Friday 16th October we celebrated World Food Day at Sea Mills . In our EYFS classes, the 2 Year Old room tasted a variety of foods from around the world and even made a traditional Spanish dish of patatas alioli! Muy sabrosa! Reception Class used a map to look at the countries of the world and were fascinated about how far some of the food had travelled. We tasted food from Spain, Turkey and Korea. We were especially impressed that all children tried something new and some of them thought the food was so delicious they wanted to keep eating it until it was all gone!

We have been very busy being Artists, Engineers , Mathematicians , Athletes and Authors. We created a lovely rainbow themed book corner ( which we all voted for) and have been adding decorations to the area over the past few weeks. 

We have completed our first full week together as Reception Class. What a busy week it has been. We have been getting to know each other, learning our friend’s names, working together as a team and playing phonic games. We’ve also enjoyed reading a wide variety of books. On Friday we started to learn some Spanish and listened to “Twinkle Twinkle little star “. We practised our Spanish singing and made biscuits which we drank with delicious hot chocolate . The perfect end to a lovely week . We have been so impressed with how quickly the children have settled into all of the new routines. They are superstars! 

What a brilliant start to Reception Class. The children came into school happily and ready to explore and all enjoyed a school lunch or packed lunch in the dinner hall. We have started to make new friends and explored where things live in the classroom. It has been so lovely to meet all of the children and we are really looking forward to continuing to get to know them over the next few weeks. 

Stay and Play

Here are some photos of the children when they attended their Stay and Play session!