​Welcome back 

Welcome to Reception Class. We have had such a lovely time meeting all children this week. They have been enthusiastic and keen to explore the classroom both inside and out. They have also started to make new friends which has been lovely to see.

Here are some pictures of our stay and plays so you can see what we have been getting up to….

We are using ILD ( an interactive learning diary) and you will receive a letter with a unique code to help you log on. If you have any difficulties with this please ensure that you contact us immediately as the learning diary is a lovely way for you to see what the children have been learning at school.

As we are using all our outside grounds regularly, we shan’t be changing into PE kits until after Christmas.


Meet the Teacher

Download: Reception Class – Meet the teacher 2020

Core Learning


The children will be setting goals and targets for themselves in an area they want to improve.

Term 1 –  

I am learning to make new friends


Dates for the Diary

21st September: All Reception children in full time unless otherwise agreed

21st September: Harvest donations can be brought in until 5th October

5th October: Diversity month begins

16th October: World Food day

23rd October: End of term 1

2nd November: INSET day

3rd November: Term 2 starts

20th and 26th November: Parents evening

18th December: End of term 2

Termly Curriculum Letters

Please download and print as required.

2020-21 T1 YR Medium Term Plan

2020-21 T1 YR Newsletter



We have completed our first full week together as Reception Class. What a busy week it has been. We have been getting to know each other, learning our friend’s names, working together as a team and playing phonic games. We’ve also enjoyed reading a wide variety of books. On Friday we started to learn some Spanish and listened to “Twinkle Twinkle little star “. We practised our Spanish singing and made biscuits which we drank with delicious hot chocolate . The perfect end to a lovely week . We have been so impressed with how quickly the children have settled into all of the new routines. They are superstars! 

What a brilliant start to Reception Class. The children came into school happily and ready to explore and all enjoyed a school lunch or packed lunch in the dinner hall. We have started to make new friends and explored where things live in the classroom. It has been so lovely to meet all of the children and we are really looking forward to continuing to get to know them over the next few weeks. 

Stay and Play

Here are some photos of the children when they attended their Stay and Play session!