Our Intent

When becoming a linguist at Sea Mills Primary we aim to ensure children’s interest and enjoyment in Learning a language; to create an atmosphere where pupils wish to learn, so that they come to enjoy the subject, because they are active participants in it. This starts in our Early Years and Key Stage One classes with songs, games and short spoken activities. We also use an online learning platform Linguascope to support children becoming confident linguists which includes playing a variety of interactive and fun games.

In Key Stage Two we enable each child as a linguist to achieve his/her potential in a variety of situations, using all available resources appropriately, to ensure the highest level of achievement for each child . This starts in Year Three with learning the pronunciation of the Spanish alphabet and continues with a wide variety of practical speaking and listening activities.

Our Approach

The progression of language skills continues throughout Key Stage Two with the focus of transferring spoken language skills into sentence level work. All students are given the opportunity to work independently and as part of a team in varied activities, contributing to the development of core skills such as I.T, speaking and listening, reading and eventually writing.

We encourage positive attitudes to becoming a confident linguist and to speakers of that language, and a sympathetic approach to other cultures.This is shown through our language of the term where we look at another foreign language and make many cross curricular links with the language and the country where it is spoken. To ensure that children have access to a good skills progression we use the Rachel Hawkes Scheme of Work which is found on

Useful links

Visit with your child to play a variety of interactive games. Username: seamills Password : time4langs – This website has a fantastic interactive computer program that contains interactive video clips showing the children of the school teaching their home languages. There are also some fantastic resources on here to download and use to support language development at home. – this website helps to make early French and Spanish listening and speaking practice available to any interested child, teacher, parent or student to use at beginner and intermediate level. 


We have added a Linguist playlist to our school YouTube account. We’re only starting our journey of videos for you to enjoy at home but will soon be adding more so click the link to learn at home!

On Friday 16th October we celebrated World Food Day at Sea Mills . In our EYFS classes, the 2 Year Old room tasted a variety of foods from around the world and even made a traditional Spanish dish of patatas alioli! Muy sabrosa! Reception Class used a map to look at the countries of the world and were fascinated about how far some of the food had travelled. We tasted food from Spain, Turkey and Korea. We were especially impressed that all children tried something new and some of them thought the food was so delicious they wanted to keep eating it until it was all gone!

To celebrate European day of languages the children at Sea Mills enjoyed a variety of activities on Friday 25th September . Year Five enjoyed practising their colours in Spanish and combined their Linguist skills with being Artists. Reception Class enjoyed hearing “ Twinkle Twinkle little star” in Spanish and making some star biscuits. They practised singing the song whilst enjoying their biscuits and some hot chocolate – muy delicioso!

At Christmas Year Five enjoyed a variety of activities whilst being linguists. Also, the whole school listened to and sang “ Feliz Navidad” during our singing assemblies. If you’d like to have a go, follow this link;

The end of September saw the whole school spending the day being linguists. Some classes mixed year groups while others enjoyed being linguists in their own classrooms. We enjoyed a wide variety of activities including dance,art, cooking and singing, Reception , Year One and two were lucky enough to have Spanish speaking adults come in and read them stories as authors . Reception and Year One also enjoyed a taste of delicious Spanish food “ pan con tomate” which is similar to tomatoes on toast. We shall be practising being linguists every day so hopefully you will hear lots of Spanish and other languages all around the school.