Year 5

Welcome to Term 2

We had a great time in Term 1 being scientists and we will continue this State of Being in Term 2. There will be plenty happening in the run up to Christmas and we look forward to seeing you at the various School events. Remember if you need to discuss your child at any time please let either myself or Mrs Phillips know, either directly or via the School Office.

As part of our Wild City curriculum we will be scientists examining the Earth, its Geography and place in the Solar System.

The children will explore how the planets and moon move around each other and be able to explain why the shape of the moon changes each night.

Closer to home we will be using ipads and atlases to identify continents, cities, and many natural and manmade features. At home you might be able to use Google Earth to test each other.

This term our Mathematicians will start by improving their multiplication and division skills. Later on we will be looking at calculating area and perimeter.

The book we will be studying in our quest to be better Authors is Cosmic which will complement our Enquiry. This humorous adventure is seen through the eyes of twelve year old Liam Digby a ‘gifted and talented’ child whose physical appearance ages him   beyond his years. I am sure the children will love it.


In line with the new school policy we ask that the children bring in their Reading Records every day.
Children should practice their times tables at home, if you need your Rock Stars password please let me know.

Core Learning


Term 2

I can help put right unfair situations that may arise.

I am confident to ask and answer questions to help my understanding.

I can undertake activity with minimum support asking for clarification only when necessary.

Dates for the Diary

November 15th – Children in Need

November 19th – Celebration of Work

November 20th – Parents Evening

November 26th – Parents Evening

December 4th – Christmas Fayre

December 11-12th  – Y5/6 Writing Project

December 18th – Christmas Lunch



We have been baking for Children in Need and marbling as part of our Space Art project.

On a beautiful day Year 5 had a very successful tag rugby taster session.

Year 5 recorded predictions on iPads regarding what reactions would take place and if these changes were reversible or irreversible.

We were visited by two ladies, one who runs a night shelter in Bristol and another who had once lived in 5he streets. The children were able to ask lots of questions and respectively and attentively listened to what both ladies said.

Year 5 finished off there study of homelessness by building our own shelters and imagining what it would be like to live in them permanently.

September 2019

As part of our Enquiry into What makes Sea Mills Special? We created a giant jigsaw of the area and place our houses on it.