When do we meet?

The full Governing Body meets six times each school year to approve policies, receive reports from each Committee, review the progress of the school and, when required, make decisions on its future direction.

In addition Governors attend one of the specialist committees where the groundwork, research and discussion on key issues occurs.

 The Governing Body has registered its interests, which includes relevant business interests and relationships between Governors and members of school staff.

Governor Information

The Governing Body has responsibility for the effective management of the school. Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities.

What we do…

  • The Governing Body work as a team, and in co-operation with the staff, ensure a safe and happy learning environment where children can prosper.
  • Monitor the strategic thinking of where the school is going and how we get there.
  • Ensure the day to day running of the school and Children’s Centre is managed by the Headteacher
  • Working with the Headteacher and senior staff, Governors are responsible for strategically setting and delivering the school’s aims and policies. This includes:
    • Improving standards of teaching and learning.
    • Implementation of statutory legislation.
    • Setting and monitoring the school’s budget.
    • Staff appointments and interviews.
    • Safeguarding and equal opportunities.
    • The School Development Plan (SDP).
    • Risk assessments and general care of the school’s estate.


Chair of Governors: Jenny Winfield

Vice Chair of Governors: Lee O’Hara


Named Governors

Child Protection, Children in Care & Young Carers:  Jennifer Winfield

Health, Safety & Well-being / Premises: Louise Burgess

Performance Review of Headteacher: Jennifer Winfield, Paul Smith & Lee O’Hara

Special Educational Needs & Inclusion:  Jennifer Short & Teresa Lloyd


Children’s Centre:  Louise Burgess 

Curriculum – English:  Lee O’Hara

Curriculum – Mathematics: Graham Clark

Curriculum – Science: Claire Chennell

Data: David Simpson

Finance:  Paul Smith

Governing Body Development Plan Lead: Jennifer Winfield & Lee O’Hara

Induction & Training: Appointed Mentors & Governor Development Service

Pupil Premium: Jennifer Short


Children’s Centre Advisory Board


Deputy Headteacher

Jennifer Winfield

Louise Burgess

Associate Members & Attendees

Children’s Centre Manager



Jennifer Winfield

Louise Burgess

Paul Smith (Chair)

Claire Chennell

Associate Members & Attendees





Teresa Lloyd

David Simpson

Nicholas Johnston

Jennifer Short

Lee O’Hara (Chair)

Graham Clark

Associate Members & Attendees

Deputy Headteacher