Year 4

Hello and welcome to Year 5!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great Easter holiday and the children didn’t eat too much chocolate. This term we will have Miss Hyde teaching our class as part of her teacher training. She is really looking forward to meeting the children and getting to know them over the next few weeks.  Our enquiry this term is Science focused with a link to P.E. Please ensure kits are in school for the required times. I am also excited to say that Year 4 will be starting ukulele lessons! They will be for the next two terms with an assembly in the middle of term 6. The sessions last 10 weeks and are ran by a fantastic instructor called Aiden Sheehan who ran it with last year’s Year 4 class.

Mr Johnston and Mrs Lloyd

Core Learning


Term 5 –

Dates for the Diary

6th May—May Day Bank Holiday

8th May—Brush Up Bus Visit

13th May—Year 6 SATs Week

24th May—Photo day (individual)

Cadbury World

Last week we visited Cadbury World! The children had a fantastic time learning about the history of chocolate, where it is produced and how it gets manufactured. We finished with a workshop by a Cadbury worker who showed us the moulds they used and even quizzed us on what we’ve learnt! (We passed!).


Displays and Children’s Work
Take a look at some of our work and sometimes us in the classroom. You are always welcome to come into school and take a closer look. You can see from the displays in our classrooms the variety of topics we cover. As the year progresses, the displays change. By July, you will be able to see the whole range of subjects we have covered. Our Working walls help us learn – the content builds as the term progresses.