Enquiry Learning

Our curriculum is based on enquiry-led pedagogy and ‘States of Being’ this empower learners to become Scientists, Mathematicians and Philosophers. We believe that there is a huge difference between doing history and becoming a Historian. The implicit skills, dispositions and curiosity required to think like a historian make the shift away from teachers using content to create planning, to thinking about how learners will actively experience the localised, real content in different ways.

Enquiry learning is planned across Seven Themes. These themes are not definitive, but the help organise thinking and create balance ensuring learning outdoors is much a priority as 21st Century Skills; opportunities for creativity and play are as important as altruism, citizenship and connected communities.

The Seven Themes:

Our Curriculum

My City: Understanding where they ‘fit’ within communities, learners develop a sense of pride and concepts of citizenship.

Wild City: Connecting with the natural world, learners develop a deep understanding of interrelationship and connection, cause and effect.

Future City: Stewardship, change, innovation and choice provide learners with tools and language to become the next generation of leaders.

Creative City: Encouraging learners to act in unique, original and purposeful ways to provide solutions and express thought to others.

Playful City: Imagination, problem solving, expression and collaboration ensure learners have the skills for the 21st Century.

Moving City: Through understanding how the world was, is and could be, locates experiences in awe, significance and purpose.

Giving City: Altruism and acts of kindness, are key components to successful individuals within multifaceted, homogenous, communities.

Subjects are taught through the following ‘States of Being’:

  • Authors – readers and writers
  • Mathematicians
  • Engineers (Computing and DT)
  • Athletes (PE)
  • Musicians
  • Geographers
  • Historians
  • Scientists
  • Artists
  • Philosophers (RE and PSHE)
  • Linguists (MFL)

In the EYFS the states of being will be referred through learning opportunities.

Our Curriculum

Enquiry Led Process:

The enquiry framework of “engage, practice, challenge” ensures a balance between knowledge and skills, encouraging independent learning and genuine curiosity. Overarching themes and structure are aligned with cognitive development through all primary year groups, creating a progression of understanding clear in the work produced.

Our Curriculum

The impact of our Curious City enquiry curriculum, can be seen and heard as well as represented in our outcomes. Impact can be seen through our books, displays and challenges the children produce, The process of enquiry, as well as final outcomes, are represented within learning books; the journey of learning. In classrooms and in corridors enquiry working walls demonstrate the learning journey; States of Being characters should feature in books, classroom displays and visual timetables as well as on our website and newsletters. Our learners and families also talk about the approach earnestly. We know that in time, it will affect our reading and writing outcomes as the contexts and purpose for being an Author, for instance, become stronger and stronger.

To find out more about our knowledge-engaged, globally connected, enquiry-led curriculum ask us about the deliberate action we are taking to shape our curriculum, to meet the needs of our learners and community that we are proudly a part of.

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