Enquiry Learning

Our Approach

The curriculum is run over a 2 year rolling programme, enabling all children to have access to all aspects of the curriculum over the course of each Key Stage.  Each term there is an overarching subject focus i.e.  Science, History, Geography, Art & Music, Design and Technology that is covered.  This begins with an enquiry question which leads the children’s learning, however each term children are asked to think about questions they would like to answer throughout the enquiry.  Teachers use the questions children ask to plan the enquiry and ensure as many questions as possible have been answered.  Other questions are then shared on class newsletters so that children have the opportunity to answer them through independent research at home.  Every term the class door is decorated to increase the prominence of the enquiry topic in the learning environment so that the children feel they are walking into their enquiry.  All classes start the enquiry with a ‘wow’ activity to capture and stimulate children’s imagination and interest, this could be through the help of a visitor, photographs, sensory activities or music. Trips and visitors are incorporated into the term’s learning and each enquiry ends with a celebration of learning.