At Sea Mills Primary our key priority is the well-being of our pupils and staff.  All LSAs are first aid trained and we have a range of procedures in place to manage the medical needs of pupils.

If your child has need of permanent medication e.g. asthma inhalers etc, the medicine, which needs to be clearly marked with the child’s name and the instructions for administering it, should be left in the school office. You will also need to complete a form.

Download: Asthma and Inhalers Procedure March 2021

We can only administer prescribed medicines. If your child needs something like Calpol then you will need to attend school to administer it.

Should your child be ill at school we will contact you during the day to discuss the best possible solution.

Minor accidents are treated in school – e.g. bumps and grazes. In the case of more serious accidents occurring at school we will inform you immediately. If a child has received first aid treatment you will receive a slip explaining what happened and what support they were given e.g. cold compress.

If your child is sick at home or school from a bug then please keep them off for 48 hours after they were last sick. If they have diarrhoea please keep them off for 48 hours from their last bout. Thank you.