Engineers (D.T)

Our Intent:

At Sea Mills Primary school, every child experiences being an engineer. In Design and Technology (D.T), we encourage children to explore the world around them and observe ways in which they can design, make and evaluate their own unique  creations. We support children in this process by helping them to reflect and discuss ways in which they can improve these. As a healthy school, children will also be taught the principles of a healthy, balanced diet. They will use cooking utensils to safely prepare a variety of food dishes in every year group and understand where a range of ingredients are grown across the world.

Our Approach:

At Sea Mills Primary School we actively encourage children ‘to have a go’ and practise their skills as engineers. This aims to provide our children with the foundations to design make and create. The two keep steps to our approach are:

  • Enquiry Based Learning:Design and technology is taught as part of our enquiry learning. Each year group will have a set amount of enquiry questions, some of which will be focussed on the children becoming engineers. D.T is also taught indiscreetly. For example; when creating a piece such as a ‘shoe box classroom’ in Year 2, children will have the opportunity to incorporate measurement and create a design profile before they create their project.
  • Multi-disciplinary: As part of the enquiry questions, we encourage all children to engage in dialogic opportunities and use their critical thinking skills by asking and answering questions; use a range of tools to create structures or food and evaluate their creations using their year group technical vocabulary. We ensure these opportunities happen by making connections within other subjects such as; Mathematics and Science.

Progression Map

Progression Form – D.T

How to help your child at home to become Engineers

As Engineers, we encourage all of the children at Sea Mills Primary School to explore their creativity and imagination so they can design and make their own products. Have a look at the following websites to encourage your child to do this:

Take a look at our Sea Mills Primary Engineers…

Nursery and EYFS
In our children’s centre and reception units, you can see how much fun we have being Engineers. The children are encouraged to safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques. Here you can see the them cooking; measuring; mixing and constructing.

In our KS1 classes, we build upon our learning as Engineers in the EYFS. Here you can see us exploring different tools to cook and make foods such as healthy cakes and soups. We also use different materials to experiment, create and evaluate different games and build stronger structures.

In our KS2 classes, the children build upon their knowledge even further by using research to develop and generate designs in different contexts. Here you can see children using clay models to build a structure of a volcano. You can also see children in upper KS2 using glue guns to make different models. Children also had the opportunity to design and make their own pizzas, using different utensils.

Year 6 – Inspiration from Rube Goldberg

Year 6’s Enquiry this term is all about ‘Who were the greatest engineers?’. As Rube Goldberg was one of the most famous inventors and engineers, we took inspiration from him to create our own Rube Goldberg inventions! We had to think about how we could create a chain reaction to result the marble or a plastic bottle tipping into a box. We enjoyed exploring how to use trial and error to help develop our ideas.

Year 6 – Spaghetti bridges

Building on our learning, we had the opportunity to create our own bridges using spaghetti! We had to make sure they were strong enough to hold a bag of sugar. The tape and elastic bands allowed us to create different structures and junctions. Some were more successful than others!