Nursery: 3-4 Year Olds

Welcome to Term 1

Welcome to the Sunflower Room. We are the 3YO nursery. For all children and families returning, welcome back! For all our new families, welcome and we are looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your children. 

This term we will be focusing on settling back into routines and playing alongside friends again. We will also be spending lots of time in the outdoor classroom and at the trim trail. If you can, please bring in wellies and waterproof clothing. We will be going to the outdoor classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you would like to find out more about schemas, please visit the following websites:

Staff who work with your child are as follows:

Monday – Louise, Michelle, Kerrie

Tuesday – Louise, Michelle, Sam

Wednesday – Louise, Sally, Sam, Kerrie (1:1 support)

Thursday – Louise, Sally, Sam, Kerrie (1:1 support)

Friday – Louise, Sally, Sam, Kerrie (1:1 support)  

Home Learning

Read a story every day—bedtime is a great time to have a regular routine and read picture books.

Encourage your child to start to dress and undress a little by themselves.

Put pictures on ILD of fun things you do at home.

Sing lots of songs and rhymes!

Dates for the Diary

Diversity month—October

Diversity month celebration—20th October

Stephanie Singleton (Nursery teacher) returns 22nd October

Last day of term—22nd October

Termly Curriculum Letters

Please download and print as required.

2021-22 T1 N3 Newsletter

2021-22 T1 N3 Medium Term Plan

Packed Lunches

We have asked that all Nursery children bring in a packed lunch until further notice.  Please ensure it is healthy, balanced and varied. Please see below some information on the range of healthy foods to provide and remember that NUTS are NOT ALLOWED, chocolate bars are not allowed, grapes need to be cut in half and there should only be one sugary snack. Please take the time to check the sugar content of yogurt drinks and snacks as it is very easy for your child to be consuming more than their daily intake of sugar without you realising. As a rule of thumb, foods that are unprocessed and fresh contain less sugar and artificial colours and flavours.​


Gemma has kindly made this Makaton video for our parents! We use Makaton in our Nursery to help with communication and understanding.  Why not watch and have a try!

Look at what we have been doing!

Settling into nursery, exploring new resources and making new friends.