Nursery: 3-4 Year Olds

Welcome to our lovely Nursery.  We have loved welcoming all of the children into Nursery and look forward to helping them make friends and learn through play.  In our room we plan for the interests of your children and look to see how we can extend their skills through playful activities.  We will send letters home occasionally for you to help contribute to our reflective planning, informing us of any interests that your child is currently showing at home. This will help us to plan individually for your child. 

We have been very impressed with how quickly your children have settled into the class.  If you need any extra support please call our Nursery number to arrange an appointment or to have a chat.   We are always happy to help. 

Early morning routine

Your child will find their name card and register on our Key Worker boards.

We will help your child settle to an activity in our Key Worker areas.  We call this Talk Time.  When adults are able to enter the classrooms, we welcome you to Talk Time.  It is a time for you to share any news or information with the Key Worker and chat to your child as they settle into their new day.  These activities will have been carefully planned to suit your child’s interests. We then say hello to each other and have a small activity in our groups.

We look forwards to getting to know all of our new families.

Please read our Nursery Newsletter.

From all of our Nursery team x

If you would like to find out more about schemas, please visit the following websites:

The adults in our class this term are:

Monday:  Barb, Sally and Kat, Maria

Tuesday: Barb, Sam Stephanie, Maria

Wednesday: Barb, Sam Stephanie, Maria, Trish

Thursday: Sally, Sam, Stephanie, Kat, Trish, Maria

Friday: Sally, Sam, Stephanie, Trish, Maria

Home Learning

In Nursery we ask that you read a story (either at bed time or when you can) to your child every day. This helps with listening skills, language skills, develops a love for reading and of course it’s lovely to spend that one to one time with your child.

As its nearly Autumn, if you go on any nature walks, talk about what you can see and please collect conkers, acorns, and pine cones and donate them to our Nursery for the children to explore.

Dates for the Diary

21.09.20- All Nursery Full time hours
21.09.20—03.10.20- Harvest Donations
01.10.20– Diversity Month
05.1020-Individual Photographs (TBC)
23.10.20—Half Term

Packed Lunches

We have asked that all Nursery children bring in a packed lunch until further notice.  Please ensure it is healthy, balanced and varied. Please see below some information on the range of healthy foods to provide and remember that NUTS are NOT ALLOWED, chocolate bars are not allowed, grapes need to be cut in half and there should only be one sugary snack. Please take the time to check the sugar content of yogurt drinks and snacks as it is very easy for your child to be consuming more than their daily intake of sugar without you realising. As a rule of thumb, foods that are unprocessed and fresh contain less sugar and artificial colours and flavours.​

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