Nursery: 3-4 Year Olds

Home Learning Information

See the Home Learning section  on the Main Menu for detail on home learning activities for your child.

Welcome to Nursery!

Welcome back from the half term holiday. Despite the rainy weather we have been spending as much time outside as we can – the children love it and we all know how good fresh air is for us! Please make sure your child comes to school with a waterproof jacket over the coming weeks while the weather is so wet. If you can provide a pair of wellies, that would be great too.

We welcome back nursery teacher Stephanie Singleton who has been on maternity leave toward the end of March. 

This term, the children are showing a particular interest in superheroes and doctors. We are going to support, extend and develop these two themes of play as much as possible.  

If you would like to find out more about schemas, please visit the following websites:

Home Learning

We are going to start doing lots of drawing practice this term. If your child is ready and interested, do lots of drawing at home. You don’t need to be good at drawing! Children at this age enjoy learning to draw lines, circles and creating a picture e.g. a person, a house, a train, a car, a dinosaur, a monster!

The adults in our class this term are:

Monday – Jennie, Barb and Sam

Tuesday and Wednesday – Louise, Barb and Sam

Thursday and Friday – Louise, Sally and Sam

Dates for the Diary

Parent Reviews—Weds 4th and Weds 11th March

World Book Day—Thurs 5th March

Last day of Term—Friday 6th March

Big Pedal Week—30th March


Just a quick reminder to our families.

  • Please bring your children on time.
  • After helping the children to self register, please bring them to their Key Worker corners where you can join them to share in the learning activities.
  • The more regularly your child attends, the more we can help support their development.
  • Remember to log in to your child’s Interactive Learning Diary.  These are made with lots of love and attention.  Your child would be so proud to share their learning experiences with you at home. We welcome you to put on your own photographs and learning experiences too.  Thank you for all of you who do this regularly already.

Packed Lunches

If you are providing a packed lunch for your child, please ensure it is a healthy, balanced and varied. Please see below some information on the range of healthy foods to provide and remember that NUTS are NOT ALLOWED, chocolate bars are not allowed, grapes need to be cut in half and there should only be one sugary snack. Please take the time to check the sugar content of yogurt drinks and snacks as it is very easy for your child to be consuming more than their daily intake of sugar without you realising. As a rule of thumb, foods that are unprocessed and fresh contain less sugar and artificial colours and flavours.

Look at what we have been doing!

The children have been really interested in washing and cleaning. We gave them sponges, brushes, warm soapy water and the permission to wash everything! After washing the bikes, they got the opportunity to wash Louise’s bike too! This brought out so much language, so many questions and links to real experiences of bikes at home. I hope the children are as helpful at home!

We enjoyed making pancakes on Pancake Day – learning about the ingredients that we need, staying safe in the kitchen, watching Louise toss the pancakes and hen eating them. Yum!

We haven been painting on large pieces of card and polystyrene that we acquired. Having the space, time and materials to paint and explore colour and colour mixing is fun and exploratory.

The children have been enjoying Logan of messy play recently. Shaving foam is messy but doesn’t make a mess! Messy play encourages lots of talk, listening, cooperation and link  step home experiences. It also encourages independence and team work!