Our Aim

It is our belief that writing is a fundamental skill that supports children in their learning and also prepares children for life beyond the classroom. We believe it is important to teach key skills to enable all children to see stories as part of a whole text and understand its structure, presentation and language. We aim to ensure that children understand the purpose behind their writing and to provide children with a range of useful tools to develop their independence in the planning process. It is vital that children develop their confidence and independence in building and writing texts for a specific audience and purpose.

Our approach

We use our holistic approach, Cover to Cover, to teach key writing skills. Learning is centred around one book. Many elements of the National Curriculum flow out of this one text. From the key story will flow non-fiction writing as well as poetry and the performance of play scripts. Reading skills will be developed and drama will play a significant part. Children’s stamina and skills are developed to write at length. Skills in writing are applied across the curriculum to ensure a broad and balanced learning experience.

To find out what each class is learning about in English, please see their specific class page or class newsletter.

How you can help at home

  • Talk to children about their learning of writing
  • Encourage them to write for a real and purposeful reason e.g. thank you cards, emails to a friend, a letter to a celebrity, shopping list
  • Talk about why writing is important in your life – at work or at home
  • Model talking in Standard English so children replicate this in their writing

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