Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Hello! I hope you had a great half term!

We are managing to include two different enquiries this term. The first is a science based topic where we will be investigating “Where does the darkness come from?”. Later in the term we will be focusing on “How do we help those in need?”.

We will be supported in class this term by our LSA Ms Baldwin and our School Direct trainee Mrs Muhammed. If you have any questions or queries, please see me in class after school.


Weekly homework will include a set of 10 spellings which will be tested on Fridays. Children will also be expected to read at home 3x per week and to practice their focus times table of the week.

Core Learning


Term 2 – It’s Up To Me

  • I can complete a task independently
  • I can take responsibility for jobs around the class
  • I can follow the routines and rules of the class

Dates for the Diary

Tuesday 19th November—Celebration of Work (AM and PM)
Wednesday 20th November—Parents Evening
Tuesday 26th November—Parents Evening
Tuesday 3rd December—Christmas Fair
Tuesday 10th December—Reception Nativity
Friday 13th December – Christmas Jumper Day
Wednesday 18th December—Christmas Dinner


Term 2 Enquiry

Our enquiry this term will be “Where does the darkness come from?”. We have started our topic by investigating light and darkness. We have learnt about how light is made, what makes a good reflector and we have even created our own firework displays using oil pastels and chalk.

Term 1 Enquiry

Over this term we will be exploring the questions “How do we find out about people in the past?”. As Historians we will be observing, questioning and comparing historical sources in order to explore the past of Sea Mills and the local area. As Geographers we will be using maps (inc. digital) to investigate how the area has changed over time and the impact of these changes. If you have any knowledge of the local are you would like to share please let us know!


This term we have had a fantastic visit from local historian Chris who explained how the Romans influenced life here today. She even brought some artefacts that were over 2000 years old for us to hold! We also went on a local history walk to see how Sea Mills has changed over the last 100 years.