Year 2

Welcome to Term Two.  If you have any concerns, I still encourage parents and carers to book an appointment to see me or a member of SLT at  the office. This is to help ensure smoother transitions take place at the end of the school day.

As athletes we have PE on Wednesday and Friday so please remember your kits!

Mrs Thomas

Meet the Teacher Presentation

Download: 2019-20 Welcome to year 2 – Meet the teacher


Every Thursday, spellings will be given out for children to practice at home. This will be followed with a spelling test on the following Wednesday. Year 2’s are also expected to practise their timetables on TT Rock stars.

Core Learning


Term 2 – It’s up to you!

During this core learning strand, we will be focusing on the children having high aspirations and aiming high!

  • I can show respect for school property, I can keep my own belongings safe during the day
  • I can identify something I have done well.

Dates for the Diary

15.11.19– Children in Need
19.11.19– Celebration of Work 8.45-9.15 or 2.45-3.15
20.11.19– Parent’s Evening
28.11.19—Parent’s Evening (for Year 2 children only)
3.12.19– Christmas Fayre
13.12.19– Christmas Jumper Day
17.12.19– KS1 Christmas play 2.15pm
19.12.19– KS1 Christmas play 9.15 am



During diversity month, we explored what life would be like in Kenya. We were lucky enough to have Mrs Mohamed come in to tell us about what her life was like when growing up in Nairobi. We were even lucky enough to taste some mandazi that Mrs Mohamed had made for us. They were delicious!

We had another tag rugby taster session with coach.

If you want to join the tag rugby club, please speak to Mrs Wilde about it in the office.

Our school learning council representatives confidently took charge of our class assembly this week. They were asking their classmates to share ideas about what we could do to raise money for children in need.

Year 2 enjoyed being an audience for Reception. They told us the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’

Our trip to Leigh Court Farm- Bristol Forest School. Year 2 had an enjoyable day in the forest. We made and baked bread, played games, foraged for berries and tomatoes, used natural objects to create artwork and even built a den!

Spanish Day! We enjoyed working alongside the Year 6s to learn some salsa and flamenco dance moves.

We enjoyed our dance workshop with Rachael from Funk It Up!

October 2019

Funk It Up – Take a look at us making some moves!


Year 6 have paired up with Year 2 as reading buddies. Today, the children shared their books with each other. This opportunity will continue across the school year – they are all really looking forward to it!

Today we voted for our School Learning Council Representatives. Here are just a few of them, sharing why their class should vote for them.

We have been practising working as a team. Here we are exploring a challenge that required resilience, patience and a lot of communication. 

Year 2 enjoyed mark making. Here they are taking their pencils for a walk!