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Guitar Lessons

Guitar and Piano Lessons

My name is Knud Stüwe and I can offer instrumental lessons in guitar, ukulele and piano.  I am a very versatile musician with great experience in a wide range of styles including classical, jazz, pop, blues, folk and world music.  I perform regularly in Bristol, the South West and beyond. I also conduct, arrange and compose.  I can teach Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 16.30 ( except I can’t do Tuesday after school).

I try to keep the material varied; nursery rhymes, rock riffs, film tunes, pop (e.g. Stevie Wonder, Ed Sheeran, John Lennon), country, rock’n’roll and classical tunes by Brahms, Grieg and more.  As well as teaching playing the instrument, I aim to open the students ears to the variety in music.  On a technical level I teach playing tunes, basic right hand and left hand technique, chords and scales. 

Knud Stuwe

Guitar Lessons

Woodwind Lessons

Woodwind lessons are taught on a Monday afternoon by Fiona Thompson and are offered to any child in KS2. The instruments on offer are: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone and recorder. (N.B. The saxophone is rather heavy, so it is advised that your child be in Y5 or 6 before learning this). Fiona’s specialism is the flute, so this is the instrument she is most passionate about! However, she enjoys teaching the other woodwind instruments too. As a lover of orchestral music, and as someone who has had the opportunity to play in many different orchestras over the years, she recognises the importance of sight-reading and being able to work out yourself, how to play any music that gets put in front of you. For this reason, a big focus in Fiona’s teaching, is enabling her students to read music, so that they have the tools to play any piece of music they want to, rather than just the pieces worked on in lessons. Other focuses are rhythm and being able to play in time. Fiona loves helping students to improve their playing, whatever their ability. She also loves encouraging students in their own interest for music and is open to students bringing along their own music to lessons that they’d like to learn. If your child is interested in signing up for lessons, please email Fiona at

Lockdown Music Games

Our instrumental lessons are on hold for the moment, but why not try these games made by one of our parents Ali Watson.  They’re great for developing understanding of notation, rhythm and dynamics.

Cross Rhythm Go Level 1

Dynamics Snap

Music Match It Level 1