Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! 

Welcome back to Term 3! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and wish all families a very Happy New Year. If you have any concerns, I still encourage families to book an appointment to see me or a member of SLT at the office. This is to help ensure that smoother transitions take place at the beginning and the end of the school day.

As Athletes we will continue to have PE every Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning so please remember your kits! Mrs Roberts will continue to teach Year 1 every Tuesday afternoon whilst I have planning time. Many thanks, Miss Bathgate.

Important message:

Families are encouraged to come into class and read with their child on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, children should be coming in independently where they can complete the morning activity on the whiteboard.

Meet the Teacher Presentation

Download: 2019-20 Welcome to year 1 – Meet the teacher


In line with our new home learning policy, all learning will continue to be based on the following activities: Daily  reading, times table practise and spellings. Please return home learning every Tuesday.

Core Learning


Term 3

I can keep trying even if I find something difficult.

Dates for the Diary

13.01.20—Maths Enterprise
Christmas Play dates:
21.01.20 –  2.15-3.15
23.01.20— 9.30-10.30
03.02.20-Fair trade fortnight
11.02.20-Safer Internet day

If any parents or carers are vets or pursue a job related to animals, please can you let Miss Bathgate know. We would love for you to come in and share  your experiences with animals!




We have been having lots of fun starting our new enquiry all about animals. We went on an animal hunt as we came back into class to find that all the animals had hid around our classroom. We then explored different games and learning about animals… this included animal bingo, sorting and grouping animals, and becoming vets in our role play area.  

Year one have celebrated their enquiry by completing there challenge. This was to create a sky of their choice using oil pastels. They used the techniques of blending, shading and rubbing as artists. Look at their final pieces! 

Look at our completed learning journey over the last two weeks. The children have been fantastic artists and scientists and have grown in confidence learning about the season winter. We are excited to start our new enquiry over the next few weeks…

For maths Enterprise Week, Year one had lots of fun making rice krispie cakes. We spoke about the instructions to make them then practiced mixing, stiring and scooping the ingredients into the cupcake cases. We can’t wait to sale them tomorrow and hopefully raise money to buy some new resources for our classroom.

Year 1 have started there new enquiry all about winter today.

Year 1 enjoyed listening to a live story from Santa Clause this morning. The children have worked so hard this term despite battling lots of illnesses. Myself and Mrs Moody are very proud of them all. We hope you all have a very restful Christmas and look forward to lots more wonderful learning in the new year! 

Year 1 had a visit from Helen today. She is an expert from the dogs trust. It was interesting to find out about the 5 facts to look after dogs. We all enjoyed sharing our ideas and own experiences with dogs.

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy being musicians whilst practising for our upcoming Christmas play! We have also started to look into our new enquiry for the remainder of this term called: Where is Sea Mills? The children have been exploring google earth, asking geographical questions and drawing maps. They will be completing their own simple plans and maps over the final few weeks of this term. Keep your eye out for photos of this on our website page and on the classroom working wall.

In other news, as Authors, we have started our new book called ‘Beegu’ and the children have shown fantastic engagement in the story. They have been learning about the book in different ways and applying this by making predictions, retelling to their friends and using plasticine to make the different characters come to life. 

To begin our second enquiry ‘How does our city change?’ we enjoyed going on an Autumn walk. We worked in pairs to hunt for different things that represented this season. We then shared our ideas and questions with others and included this on our learning journey enquiry wall. Come and have a look in class at the questions we are wondering about! 

To conclude diversity week, Year 1 showcased all of their amazing creations of hats and hat designs form around the world. We hope you enjoyed seeing all of their hard work! 

Today in our final PE session on balance, the children worked in pairs to practice all of the skills they have been learning this term. They enjoyed being the character of a popping pirate and working together. Well done to them all!

Cat walk show

Year 1 celebrated the end of their enquiry unit today with a cat walk show. We enjoyed showcasing our amazing skills as engineers and artists. The children were so confident and really impressed all of the adults. Well done to them all on a great first term! 

Spelling is so much fun! Every week we have a focused spelling session where we explore spelling our tricky words in lots of different ways. These include… word searches, roll and spell, speedy spellers and many more. 

This week we were lucky enough to have a very special visitor with a bag of many hats! We have been learning about the meaning of different hats and the job roles that arise with these. Kerry who is our amazing cook showed the children the different hats she wears and we discussed the meaning of these. We are excited to make our hats next week! 

Year 1 enjoyed a fun CLS lesson today. We worked in pairs to support each other when faced with a challenge! Miss Bathgate challenged us to balance a beanbag on our heads when moving in different ways. We all had a fantastic growth mindset and showed great resilience.

Year 1 enjoyed the ‘engage’ part of their enquiry. They had the opportunity to try on a a range of different hats and will be considering the materials they are made out of next week.

Year 1 enjoyed Spanish day. We had the chance to join reception and learn a Spanish dance.

Year 1 enjoyed a taster session with the ‘funk it up’ dance workshops.

Year one have completed their first enquiry ‘Who am I’ by drawing, naming and labelling parts of the body. 

It has been fantastic to see what aspiring mathematicians and authors we have this year. 

Every Friday Year 1 are enjoying the chance to be reading buddies with Year 4! 

Our First Week

Look at all the amazing learning we have been doing during our first few weeks in Year 1!