Year 1

Welcome to Term 6

Mornings– The gates must be closed by 8.55am every morning and our registers must be completed by around this time. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we would appreciate it if reading stops and goodbyes are said, as soon as you hear the tambourine. It means the children can then be settled and our learning can start at 9 am. Thank you.

Homework – Every Thursday, children will be given homework to complete. This is due back on the following Tuesday. As well as Math’s learning, that will focus on number bonds to 10 and 20 or practicing counting in 2s,


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Core Learning


Term 6 – Speaking and Listening

During this core learning strand, we will be learning how to set ourselves a goal and strive to achieve it. Our I cans will be..

I can talk to an audience about something I like.
I can show someone that I am listening.
I can give instructions to others.

Dates for the Diary

10.6.19– Phonic screening week
13.6.19– Sponsored Walk
17.6.19– Celebration of Work Day
2.7.19– Sports Day 9.15– 10.15 am
3.7.19– Summer Fayre
5.7.19– Sea Mills 100 Tea Party
8.7.19– Enterprise week
127.19– Move up Morning

Enjoying their ‘wild rumpus’ as the Kings and Queens of the wild things

Observational Drawings

Identifying Different Types of Trees 


Identifying and labelling parts of the body.

Reading Buddies

Year 1 enjoyed reading with their Year 4 reading buddies. 

Tower Building

Year 1 building towers in core learning skills to replace Rapunzel’s crumbling tower.

This term our Enquiry is Where do bong trees grow?’ 

These are some of the questions that could be explored further at home.

As artist, we are going to be exploring other artists work and begin to use the correct language to evaluate their work. We will then use this information to create our own pieces of art. We will explore colour mixing as well as collage to produce art work inspired by the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat.’

As musicians, we are going to use ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ in order to practice rhythm and finding the pulse of music. We will then begin to explore the sounds of a range of instruments.

This term our Enquiry is ‘What is the best way for the Snorgh to travel?’  These are some of the questions that could be explored further at home.

  • How do the wheels turn on a car?
  • What helps a boat to float?
  • What is the best waterproof material?

This term our Enquiry is ‘ Pride in Place – What do we like about Sea Mills?’

Before starting this enquiry, we created questions that  children in Year 1 would like to know more about.

  • What did Sea Mills used to look like?
  • What did our School used to look like?
  • What places are around Sea Mills?

Enquiry – ‘Party Planners– Can party food be healthy?’

This term our Enquiry is ‘ Party Planners– Can party food be healthy?’ Before starting this enquiry we created questions that  children in Year 1 would like to know more about.

  • Are cakes and sweets healthy?
  • Why is fruit healthy?
  • What party games could you play that would make you run around?

During Enquiry this term, we will be exploring what a healthy and well balanced diet is made up of.  We will be using this information to design a healthy meal. We will also be learning about the parts of the body, as well as hygiene.

All this learning will be aimed towards the end of term where Year 1 & 2 will have a healthy food party.  Where families are welcome to join us.

Making our own burgers- inspired by burger boy


Displays and Children’s Work
Take a look at some of our work and sometimes us in the classroom. You are always welcome to come into school and take a closer look. You can see from the displays in our classrooms the variety of topics we cover. As the year progresses, the displays change. By July, you will be able to see the whole range of subjects we have covered. Our Working walls help us learn – the content builds as the term progresses.