Year 5/6 camp

Day 1

After a sunny walk around the Forest of Dean Sculpture Park, we enjoyed our picnic lunch and some time at the playground there.  We have now arrived at Whitemeads and the children have settled into their rooms which are beautifully kitted out.  The team here welcomed us with high fives and smiles and the children are now being given a tour of the grounds as well as playing some games.  Before dinner, the children will be taking part in ‘Game Station’ and after dinner we’re looking forward to ‘It’s a Knock Out’.  The weather is absolutely stunning and all of the children seem excited and enthusiastic about their first activities.

Day 1 Part 2

The children have enjoyed a hearty pasta meal and we’re now heading out for our evening activity.  All children have settled well and eaten their dinner.  Fingers crossed, they’ll be exhausted after all the action and get a good night’s sleep ready for the disc golf tour, water rollers, body zorbing, crate challenge or mysterious missions tomorrow morning!

Day 2 Part 1

All children got some sleep last night – some more than others!  This morning after a hearty breakfast (toast, cereal and/or cooked breakfast), we divided into four groups to do different activities.  All of the children will be doing each of the activities over the three days.  They are:

  • Crate Challenge: climbing a tower of crates whilst suspended by climbing harness.
  • Disc Golf Tour: golf with a Frisbee!
  • Body Zorbing: Sumo style battles and relays whilst inside a zorb
  • Mysterious Missions: Cooperative challenges and games
  • Water Rollers: massive inflatable ‘spin dryer’ and lots of floats in the pool

It was pizza, wedges and salad for lunch and next we will continue with our rotation of activities.  The weather continues to be glorious.  Later in the afternoon, the team will be holding the In2action Olympics and after dinner (fish and chips or macaroni cheese) it will be disco time! 

Day 2 Part 2

The In2action Olympics was hard fought with Wales a final worthy winner!  Sea Mills then showed their finest dance moves at the disco; the rumour is true Mr Johnston can ‘floss’!  Last night was a quiet one.  After so much activity, the children got to bed quickly and quietly and all of them slept through the night.

Day 3

This morning is misty but dry and we are all packed up.  The children have just finished their breakfast and we’re heading out to take part in our last two activities before heading back home.  The children have been a credit to the school (and their families) and hopefully they’ll have lots to tell you all on their return.  We’re betting they will sleep well tonight!