Year 5/6 camp

Photo of everyone who attended camp this year!

Day 1

We had a smooth journey, stopping off at the sculpture park to take a walk, eat our packed lunches and have a play in the playground.  Whitemeads is only a short hop away, so we arrived at 12:30 to be met by our lovely leader Ben and the rest of the team.  We had time for some team games as a whole class before dividing into groups to do tree climbing (in harnesses), low ropes course, disc golf or archery.  Each group will rotate and try all of the activities over the three days. 

Children were very excited to find out who was in their rooms and all seem happy with them.  The rooms are very comfortable and cosy!  We’re off to dinner now (chicken and chips, jacket potato or ham/cheese salad) and after that will be playing ‘Beat the Elite’ a wide game (outdoors) pitting the children’s wits against school and camp staff!  We’re hoping to tire the children out so they get some sleep tonight!  All of the children have been brilliant so far and seem to be really getting into the spirit of things.  They all seem very happy to be here.

Day 2 Part 1

Some excitement last night (!) with quite a lot of chatting but all things considered they were pretty sensible and were all up early for a full cooked breakfast this morning.  We have completed two more activities and are now having a break for lunch (burgers and salad).  After lunch, we will complete our five core activities (tree climbing, low ropes, disc golf tour, archery, field zorbing) and after a full roast dinner we will be enjoying an evening by the camp fire with songs, jokes and marshmallows. 

Day 2 Part 2

Some more pictures of our activities during our wonderful time at camp! Last night we enjoyed a campfire with stories, marshmallows, singing and games. This morning, we are going for a dip in the pool and having a go at water rollers! See you all soon!