Our Intent

Bristol is a diverse area whose people hold a wide range of beliefs. Religious and moral education enables children to explore the world’s major religions and to develop their own beliefs and values. Our intention is to prepare the children for life in an ever-changing and diverse world.

Our approach

Religious Education is taught to all children in KS1 and KS2 with a discrete lesson every week. We use the syllabus that has been specifically designed by SACRE which is both rich and diverse and is a fundamental part of an effective and enjoyable education. It is entitled “Awareness, Mystery and Value”.  Our school is constantly examining the basis for religious beleifs whilst at the same time, developing more creative ways for our children to learn.

Download: RE Coverage whole school 2019 – 2020

Our approach to RE will helps pupils become successful learners by enabling them to:

  • develop important skills, knowledge and understanding in RE;
  • mature in their spiritual moral, social and cultural development naming, recognising and recalling aspects of religion.
  • build complex and demanding skills such as synthesis and critical evaluation;
  • develop understanding of both learning about and from religion and belief;
  • engage with powerful and important questions of meaning and complex, demanding ethical issues;
  • understand both conflict and collaboration within and between religions and the importance of inter-faith dialogue;
  • reflect upon and evaluate the role of religion and belief in the world

RE is provided for all pupils, and is inclusive, broad minded and encourages tolerance of others. Parents do have the right to withdraw pupils from RE: if you wish to do this, make an appointment with the head teacher / RE subject leader. The school does not support selective withdrawal from RE.

How you can help your child at home

Much of what we do in RE at Sea Mills Primary involves discussion and exploration of moral questions and how different cultures approach the same issues. We would strongly encourage families to talk about our communities and how we share many values.


Harvest festival 2019, Year 5 visit from The Redland Education Centre – February 2020 and Year 6 discuss what being a Christian means with Christian visitors – February 2020

Some of the visitors we had in assemblies this year

A selection of work from KS2