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Key Information – Please Read

Each week we will be posting ideas of learning you can do at home with your child.  Where we can we have made these practical and making use of outside areas while we can!  Have fun! If you want to send in pictures of what you are up to through the interactive diary we would love to see them!  We will also send the children pictures back or ask questions so they can keep in contact with us. 

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Week 1

We hope you are all well and are able to enjoy this time with your family, making the best out of such a difficult situation.

Here are some suggestions of the things you can do with your children to help keep them stimulated and entertained …

  • At Nursery we have an ‘in the moment’ approach where we follow the children’s interests, extending on their learning by providing different resources that support their current play, using things such card board boxes to create a house, make a car, train or lorry.
  • We value the use of ‘real’ life objects and would encourage you to do the same at home, e.g. pots and pans, cooking utensils; pretending to make cups of tea, breakfast or lunch.
  • Allow your children to help prepare breakfast or lunch with you, taking the opportunity to sit down and eat together.
  • Pretend to be going on an adventure together, this can be done indoors or outside. Follow your children’s lead but ask simple questions about where they are going, pretending to see things along the way encouraging their use of imagination.
  • Share a story book with them, either reading it or looking at the pictures and commenting on what you see, responding to what they tell you and asking simple questions to prompt their responses.
  • Talk about everyday life, people that are important to them and people that help us!
  • These past few weeks the children have been really exploring their creative skills by painting pictures of real flowers that we have displayed in front of them. At this difficult time we understand that you are unable to go out and see flowers in their full bloom but if you have a garden and are able to get outside in the sunshine, use this as an opportunity to have some fresh air and explore nature with your children. Look out for things that might be growing in your garden that you didn’t know about.
  • For those that are unable to access a garden at this time, like a lot of us are unable to, look up ‘spring flowers’ on your phone or computer, share the pictures and talk to your children about the colours and the different types of flowers
  • If you have any pens or pencils at home, encourage them to draw their own versions. Draw with them (don’t worry if you feel you can’t draw, we are all artists in our individual way!)
  • Check out this website https://buggyandbuddy.com/spring-activities-kids-invitation-explore-flowers/ which looks at how we can explore spring flowers in creative ways.
  • Most importantly, give them reassurance at a confusing time and HAVE FUN!

Week 2

Personal, social and emotional

With changes to your family’s as well as their individual daily routines, children may be experiencing an array of emotions, more so than usual at the moment. They might be finding it hard to express/manage their emotions at this difficult time of such uncertainty. It’s only natural that they will detect this big change in life and their routine, sensing that there is something not right. Let them know that it’s ok to be sad and remember that it’s ok for them to see you sad too, just reassure them and talk to them so they can feel safe and secure.

Elsa support is a great website to support children with their emotions.

Have a look at this particular story which shares a great way of explaining to the children why they are not at school at the moment.


You may not want to read it all to them but it can give you some great ways of explaining the change and it also uses super heroes which I know will capture lots of the children’s attention 😊

Other things you can do to support

  • Take time to talk to your children about the people that are special to them, especially at a time when they are most probably missing loved ones. Model mark making/writing by scribing as they talk to you/gesture. Maybe you could comment that you’re going to write it down and suggest that they can send it as a message to a loved one that they are missing?
  • Talk to your children about people that help us e.g. Doctors, Nurses, Fire Fighters, Police… use the lovely things that say and express as a great opportunity to engage in pretend play together; giving the children opportunity to use their imagination. They might pretend they are the nurse or doctor helping people, maybe even you if you’re lucky. Use your own imagination to create a role-play scene with them and support this play.

Communication and language

This term our core book is ‘Dear Zoo’

The children have really enjoyed reading this book with an adult every day, as well as looking at the book independently. Sometimes we read the book on it’s own, other times we have found puppets and toys around the room that link to the animals in the book as well as printing pictures of the real like animals.

I’m sure your child would love to look at this story with you. If you don’t have the book at home then here is a lovely you tube video of it to watch together. What’s even lovely is the narrator is the author of the book himself! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rudDGRQ9QGA

I’m sure lots of the children will be able to tell you what animal is coming next or make the animal noise.

You can create your own way of exploring this book together, perhaps re-enacting it.

You could look up pictures of the animals in real life and their usual habitats.

We also used this story to talk about the children’s own pets at home.

We talked about which animals from the story they would like to have as pets.

You could do all this too , giving them your own ideas/answers and see what answers they give you.

Be sure to share with us any lovely pictures or updates of what you get up .

Enjoy and remember HAVE FUN!

Physical development

We all know how much children love to be active and how important this is for their overall development to explore their physical skills and support their health and well-being.

There are lots of different videos and music to support your child’s physical activity and have some fun.

One that we use at nursey is ‘Sticky Kidz’. They have lots of different songs that will get your children moving and physically active, make sure you join in with them!

Here are just a couple that they might like…



Please remember though… you don’t need you tube videos or music to be active with your children. Simple songs like head shoulder knees and toes, grand old duke of York and If you’re happy and you know it are all great to get up and moving.

Week 3 and 4 Easter

It is now the Easter holidays so we have put together a selection of learning activities for you to have a go at!  The activities can all be done without a computer so have fun and enjoy your family time.  Remember to send us in your photos or ask any questions through the interactive learning diary.

Easter Holiday Ideas

Easter brownies recipe from Good Food

Footprint fun explanation

Ice building explanation

No cook playdough recipe

Salt dough recipe

What to put in your bird feeders information

Have fun over Easter time

Keep smiling!

Nursery team