Helping Your Child

I can’s at home

At school we work hard to teach children important skills, so why not get involved at home?

Keep checking this page to find I can’s you can work on with your child at home.  Don’t forget you can change the wording to suit your needs.

Term 1

We are working on learning with others.  This involves your child working in collaboration and supporting others with ideas.  They will learn how to be a good member of a group.

  • I can own up when I am in the wrong
  • I can offer support
  • I can share my ideas

Term 2

We are working on building children’s independence and teaching them to take responsibility.

  • I can dress and undress myself without help.
  • I can take responsibility for simple jobs at home.
  • I can follow daily routines without being reminded.

Term 3

We are working on children monitoring and evaluating their own learning.  Children will be encouraged to work on their organisational skills and ensuring they have all the resources they need to complete a task.

Organisation and planning skills

  • I can follow instructions
  • I can remember to take things to school
  • I can complete my homework

Term 4

Throughout this term we will be teaching the children essential skills they need in order to understand themselves, feel good about themselves and also understand what impact their actions have on others.

  • I can explain how something has made me feel in a calm way.
  • I can talk about my talents.
  • I can plan ahead to ensure I have all the things I need for a certain task or activity.

Term 5

We are working on developing essential skills that children need in order to use good thinking to support their learning.

  • I can find information I need
  • I can find the resources I need
  • I can sort my ideas to find the best one

Term 6

We are working on speaking and listening skills to allow children to communicate effectively at school as well as at home

  • I can speak calmly to others
  • I can listen to someone talking to me
  • I can explain how I am feeling in the correct way