Families and Community


At Sea Mills Primary School, we have a dedicated team who can support you as a family.

Download: Support about Coronavirus for Families Parents and Carers

School Closure Support

Family Support email: nicky.phillips@bristol-schools.uk

School Nurse Service for parents and children: 0300 1245 816 (open from Monday 23rd March)

First Response: 0117 9036444 (urgent child protection concerns)

Families in Focus: 0117 3521499 ( non-urgent concerns)

Food Bank Vouchers: If require a food bank voucher please email Nicky who will be able to support you

Welfare Calls: During the school closure you may receive a phone call from our family support worker. We have arranged this to ensure that we are checking in on you as a family and offering/ signposting you to any help or advice that you may need. We care about you.

Thrive Resource: Week One Thrive Activities for Parents

Meet the team:

Family Support Worker, ELSA and Thrive practitioner: Nicky Phillips

Pastoral Support Assistants Thrive practitioners: Leanne McCallum and Lia Palmer

We have a team of a family support worker and 2 pastoral support assistants. Together they run groups for adults and children both in term time and the holidays.

Family Support

​Coronavirus: Support service update 18.03.2020

Next Link – there are still workers in the office and some WFH and providing telephone support.

Duty Line Call:  0117 9250680 if you need support/advice.

Women’s Aid also have a daily online chat service 10-12: https://chat.womensaid.org.uk/

Mental Heatlth Week

Mental Health Week


Sadly, more and more school children are struggling to cope with their mental health. Through our Thrive approach of using the latest research into brain development we know that the brain has incredible plasticity. This means that new pathways can be developed in a child’s brain! Our skill as Thrive practitioners is to help the child to develop new pathways where they are needed most by using skilled assessment around six Thrive Developmental Strands.

Our Thrive practitioners have undergone rigorous training to ensure they are fully equipped to work with the wider staff team to deliver breathtakingly simple and effective strategies and activities which support the development of each unique child. These tried and tested strategies and activities are individualised for children and their families to provide unique experiences, which done repeatedly with a familiar adult do many things including:

  • developing a child’s strong sense of self-worth
  • supporting a child’s growing capacity to make sense of the world
  • supporting the development of neuronal pathways in the brain that positively contribute to healthy stress management systems
  • enabling a child to be able to think whilst having strong feelings
  • building a child’s ability to be able to make choices about their behaviour
  • building a child’s capacity to self-soothe and understand their emotions

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant = ELSA

Our ELSA is a specialist teaching assistant with a wealth of experience of working with children. Our ELSA is trained and supervised by the Education Psychologist. She is warm and caring and wants every child to feel happy in school and reach their full potential educationally. Her aim is to remove barriers to learning and to have happy children in school and at home.

Our ELSA will help children learn to understand their emotions and respect the feelings of those around them. At Sea Mills Primary we provide space and time for pupils to think about their personal circumstances and how they can manage them.

If you feel you or your child or you need any additional support then please speak to any of the staff team.


We have strong links with the local community and are closely affiliated with the Children’s Centre which is run from our Nursery building.

We host and co-host many community events. We link regularly with the Children’s Centre, St Edyth’s Church and Highgrove Church as well as leading our own free holiday breakfast clubs and children events during school holidays e.g. discos, family fayres, children’s days

Please keep an eye out on the main school page for our holiday events and the Church’s Facebook pages for more details of events.


Every Friday we put on a free supermarket which is subsidised by Fare Share. Come to the school main entrance after school on Fridays and help yourself to the food on offer. We hope that this will help support families over the weekend.