School Learning Council assembly

On Wednesday 29th March, the School Learning Council held an assembly in front of the whole school. They explained all the exciting projects that they have been involved with this year. Earlier in the term they met Charlotte Leslie our local MP and the children haven supporting a Bristol based charity called Deki. Deki loans money to entrepreneurs from developing countries.  The children had £50 in their Deki account which they chose to lend to three people from different African countries. When the money is paid back, the children will select new entrepreneurs to lend their money to.

NSPCC and Aspiration Day

On Thursday 23rd of March we held an Aspiration day! Children all over the school dressed up as what they aspire to be when they are older. We had footballers, doctors, teachers even the odd superhero!

The NSPCC came in on Friday 24th and delivered valuable workshops to children in KS2. The children  took part In workshops that required maturity, sensitivity and empathy all of which they showed.

Preparing our children for the future is vitally important and we hope that these regular extra curricular activities helps do just that. Thank you Mrs Kirley for organising!

Corey raised the most sponsorship money and was awarded with a golden badge and year 3 raised the most money in total.

General Knowledge Quiz

This week a range of children from years 3-6 took part in a area heat for a quiz to do with General Knowledge.  Although we didn’t win, the children had a great time!

Martin Luther King Day

This morning we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. Mr Hunt taught the whole school about how Martin Luther King helped to change our world. We discussed the links to British Values.

Thank You Miss Dixon

We have all enjoyed Miss Dixon’s final assembly today where we got to say a huge thank you for all of her hard work. She has helped us achieve amazing results, held high aspirations that even took some us to 10 Downing Street and really showed us the value of family and community through organising FAST (Families and Schools Together) and protecting and developing our Children’s Centre and much, much more.

We wish her all the best in her new school.

Carol Concert

We are all feeling festive after our Carol Concert in St Edyth’s Church. The choir sounded amazing as they sang a variety of songs to get us in the Christmas spirit. There were some lovely solos and duets. We are so proud of all those who performed for showing such confidence and for all of their hard work practising their songs in the run up to the concert. Well done to all those who played and sung as part of guitar and ukulele club and French club. The church was packed with friends and family.

Christmas Dinner

Today we enjoyed our Christmas dinner where our teachers and teaching assistants served our children dinner. Christmas music and party has really helped to get us in the festive spirit.

Science Quiz

Some year 5 and 6 pupils attended Brentry Primary School for a Science quiz. There were a variety of challenging science questions. We did really well, and one of our teams came 3rd!  Well done!!

SARI Assembly

On Tuesday 29th November, we were visited by SARI- Stand Against Racism and Inequality. The children had a whole class assembly then some classes took part in workshops. The children listened carefully and asked very thoughtful questions.

Thank you to the parents who attended our SARI workshop for parents. The facilitators of the workshop gave parents practical ideas on how to support their children’s education about equalities, what to do if their children encountered racism and signposted to further resources.

For further information please see SARI’s website

Anti-bullying Week Competition

Huge congratulations to Macy in year 5 for winning the anti-bullying poster competition set by the School Learning Council. Macy’s poster will be sent home with every child to help spread our school’s message about anti-bullying.

KS2 Sleepover

On a cold night in November, 45 KS2 children slept over in the school hall. They spent the evening dancing, singing, playing ball games and colouring in. Everyone enjoyed a dinner of pizza and chips before getting into their pyjamas. The children settled into their beds and watched a DvD before falling asleep (well some of them did!) The children were woken up by the teachers banging drums in the morning! Everyone helped to tidy up, had breakfast and headed off home for a rest.

Christmas Fair

Sea Mills Primary School and Children’s Centre held an amazing Christmas Fair on Friday 25th November. It will was attended by families and other community memebers. Children got to meet Santa Claus, dip marshmallows into the chocolate fountain, enjoy hear the choir perform and enter the raffle. Thank you to all the PTFA members, families and staff who made it a wonderful event.

SPAGhetti Surprise

Thank you to all families who came to our recent SPAGhetti Surprise event in which we shared information on how we teach spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation at Sea Mills Primary School. We also looked at how you can support your child at home.

Resources including the PowerPoint used can be found on the Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation webpage. All those who came received a goody bag full of useful resources including a tin of alphabet spaghetti. Thank you for all the positive feedback as well as suggestions on how we can make it even better next time.

What worked well:

  • “Examples – documents to take away”
  • “Really good – thanks very much!”
  • “Going through what is learnt in each year group and how to help.”
  • “Lots of information to look through. Helpful overview of what children need to learn over the school years.”
  • “Tasks we did, glossary to take home and the goody bag!”
  • “Relaxed atmosphere – useful goody bag!”
  • “Examples!”
  • “Demos of exercises, very informative and biscuits!”

Bedtime Stories

The children had lots of fun in their bed time story session last Friday. They came to school in their pyjamas and enjoyed listening to stories whilst drinking hot chocolate and munching on a biscuit!

Happy Diwali everyone!

Sophia had her hand decorated with beautiful henna patterns just like Hindu people do when they’re celebrating Diwali.

Mrs Craig Image

Goodbye Miss Craig

The staff, children and families of Sea Mills Primary School said goodbye and thank you to Miss Craig who has been head teacher here over the last six years. We want to thank her for all of her hard work, energy and enthusiasm as she has helped our school go from strength to strength. We wish her all the best in her new school.




The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company

To celebrate Black History Month 2016, the Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company visited our school. The children and staff watched an exciting performance, learned lots about the history and culture of the Zulu people and took part in a variety of workshops. A highlight of the day was definitely watching the teachers and support staff taking part in a traditional Zulu dance!

One child in year 2 said, “today was the best day of my life.”

Harvest festival

A huge thanks to everyone who supported our harvest festival by attending the assembly at St Edyth’s Church and donating to the food collection. The families were treated to a display of singing, poetry and even a harvest rap song.

Mrs Flood said the assembly made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Well done everyone!


Good luck to Reverend Izzard

Reverend Izzard has worked closely with our school for a number of years but is now moving on to a new church. We will miss him and wish him lots of luck in his new adventure.



School Fair

Summer Fair

Thank you very much to the PTFA for all of their hard work organising the Summer Fair. It was well attended and had lots of brilliant stalls. The arrival of the Fire Engine made it even more exciting. Thank you also to the staff who supported before and after the fair. We raised lots of money which will go towards our Forest School area.


Queens Birthday

Happy birthday to the Queen!

We had a fantastic turnout for the Queen’s 90th birthday garden party celebrations. The children looked wonderful dressed up in their cos-tumes. Thank you to all the families who provided food and to all the staff who worked very hard getting the preparations ready! There was a wonderful community spirit.

Video call to Tim Peake!

On Friday 19th February, four children from our school went to Oasis Brightstowe and had the unique chance to video call Tim Peake!  They asked him questions and even got to meet some of the One Show presenters.

Here are some pictures.

School Sleepover

Children in KS2  had the chance to come to a sleepover at school. They played games, watched films, had food and even had a pillow fight!

Here are some pictures.

Project Zulu

On Monday 21st September, we had Project Zulu come to visit us for the morning. Firstly they sang songs to us from Africa. It was overwhelming how amazing they were. After, some children from each class got to take part in a gumboot workshop where they learnt a different style of dance.  Each class also made different African artwork with the project zulu children.

Sea Mills map being unveiled

On Friday 11th September, year 2 and year 4 went to Sea Mills Square. They met the lady mayoress of Bristol and watched the local map be unveiled. The children of our school had the chance to create artwork of iconic areas of Sea Mills with artist Emmeline Simpson.  Here are some photos of the map being unveiled.