This morning the whole school had a really informative assembly on Sikhism led by Balbir. Balbir shared key beliefs from Sikhism and brought in several artefacts which she shared with the children.

Wind Instruments 

Miss Thompson played a variety of wind instruments to the children today. She played the flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone and recorder. The children loved listening to the music a the various sounds the wind instruments make.

After half term she will be offering lessons to children. Please look out for the letter.

Diversity Month

Lamchen, a Buddhist nun, visited Sea Mills as part of Diversity Month.  She led the school in a meditation, shared a Buddhist ‘Tanka Tale’ and explained some Buddhist Beliefs.  She visited each class to show some artefacts and was very impressed with the range of questions the children asked.


A Capoeira group came to show the whole school their amazing Brazilian gymnastic and rhythmic skills this week.  Year 3 and 4 followed up with workshops learning new music and dance skills. 


Mr Randall came and did some Caribbean cooking with children from Y3-Y6 as part of Diversity Month. They spent the afternoon making Jamaican patties. Mr Randall taught them two different cutting methods, the bridge and the claw. He also taught them how to make short crust turmeric pastry which is slightly yellow due to the spice turmeric.


Meet Sea Mills’ new pupil our yet to be named Axolotl

We celebrated Harvest with our families at St Edyth’s Church. 

Each class presented what they had learned about harvest around the world and we sang our favourite harvest songs.

World Record Attempt

On 10th November 2017, we attempted to break the world record for the most amount of people (in one space) dressed as an astronaut. 

Last week, we were amazed to find out that we did in fact break the record with 256 adults and children taking part!!  The staff at Sea Mills worked tirelessly in order to prepare for the event and it would not have been possible without them.  Well done everyone! Thank you also to all the parents who heled and provided costume bits!  We are record breakers!!!


Today we had a wonderful assembly all about Harvest. We are now asking for donations to our Harvest Collection.

National TA Day

To celebrate National TA day Friday 14th September Mrs Randall held a LSA tea party to say thank you to all the LSA who work so hard to support the children at Sea Mills.

Fair Share Shop

Every Friday Sea Mills Primary run a Fair Share Shop where parents can come and help themselves to food items to help them over the weekend period. Everyones budgets are tight and we will try and do all we can to support families.

Spanish Day

Sea Mills enjoyed Spanish Day on Wednesday 19th September.  All classes learnt about the rich culture of Spain and practised their Spanish.  Year 3 enjoyed tasting Spanish fruit whilst Reception cooked gazpacho.  It was a fantastic way to relaunch Spanish across the school.  Muy Bien!