World Record Holders!

The 3rd of November saw the school filled with astronauts for our world record attempt.  Although The Guinness World of Records still need to verify our record (which can take up to 12 weeks!) we feel confident that Sea Mills is now a world record holding School and Children’s Centre!  It was a massive team effort so a big thank you to all staff, children and Sea Mills families.  Also a huge thank you to Hayley Belmore and the Babcock team who worked so hard to make the day a success.

Sam & Mark wind up Stephen!

Year 6 pupil Stephen Finch will star in ‘Sam and Mark’s Big Friday Wind Up’.  Stephen was spotted by  researchers when they visited Sea Mills; they were especially impressed by his extensive fundraising work for charity.  Stephen was thoroughly fooled by a series of apparent coincidences on a trip to @Bristol before he was eventually presented with a certificate for his own named star.  The show will be part of the series starting in January.  We will let you know if a more specific date is given.

Nursery celebrate Diwali

Last term, Nursery celebrated Diwali at Sea Mills.  After a parade, diva lamps were lit for the story of ‘Rama and Sita’ followed by the children making mehndi pictures and playing parachute games.  The afternoon’s festivities were rounded off with hot chocolate, biscuits and lots of songs about Diwali and light.  Many thanks to all parents and carers who helped make the occasion such a memorable one.  Also a big thank you to Miss Singleton coordinating the event.

Year 5 and 6 materials celebration assembly

MTM Culture award

PLEASE VOTE: We are Nr.8 Ali Elmubarak and Knud Stuwe –

The oud duo Nabra are headlining at Celebrating Sanctuary, part of the Refugee Week in Queen Square this Sunday. The two musicians met through a scheme to introduce refugees to professional musicians living in Bristol.

Sat in the Watershed watching musicians Knud Stuwe and Ali Elmubarak play, you are immediately struck by the differences between the pair.

Knud is tall, blond and German; Ali is shorter, stockier and Sudanese.

However, they are more similar than appearances might at first suggest. Ali is a refugee from Sudan, Knud is the son of a refugee who fled East Prussia at the end of World War Two..

It is this shared experience which has brought the pair together to form Nabra – and their music has led to a lasting friendship between the two men.

School Learning Council assembly

On Wednesday 29th March, the School Learning Council held an assembly in front of the whole school. They explained all the exciting projects that they have been involved with this year. Earlier in the term they met Charlotte Leslie our local MP and the children haven supporting a Bristol based charity called Deki. Deki loans money to entrepreneurs from developing countries.  The children had £50 in their Deki account which they chose to lend to three people from different African countries. When the money is paid back, the children will select new entrepreneurs to lend their money to.

NSPCC and Aspiration Day

On Thursday 23rd of March we held an Aspiration day! Children all over the school dressed up as what they aspire to be when they are older. We had footballers, doctors, teachers even the odd superhero!

The NSPCC came in on Friday 24th and delivered valuable workshops to children in KS2. The children  took part In workshops that required maturity, sensitivity and empathy all of which they showed.

Preparing our children for the future is vitally important and we hope that these regular extra curricular activities helps do just that. Thank you Mrs Kirley for organising!

Corey raised the most sponsorship money and was awarded with a golden badge and year 3 raised the most money in total.

General Knowledge Quiz

This week a range of children from years 3-6 took part in a area heat for a quiz to do with General Knowledge.  Although we didn’t win, the children had a great time!

Martin Luther King Day

This morning we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. Mr Hunt taught the whole school about how Martin Luther King helped to change our world. We discussed the links to British Values.