Engineers – Art and Design

Our Intent:

At Sea Mills Primary School we aim to inspire children to become creative engineers. Through a range of opportunities to explore different types of media, children are able to challenge themselves to reach their full potential in this subject. We encourage them to consider themselves as ‘Artists.’

Our Art and Design Technology programme embraces the aims and beliefs that are based upon the national curriculum.

We aim to ensure that all pupils can:

  • Produce creative work that is subjective to them.
  • Become proficient artists through drawing, painting and sculpture.
  • Evaluate and gain knowledge about great artists, craft makers and designers.

Our Approach:

At Sea Mills Primary, every child experiences being an Engineer. These embedded into termly learning opportunities. Each child has regular sessions in the classroom to experiment with different modes of creativity. Through high quality lessons, pupils record these skills in their own sketchbooks. The work within these are a reflection of each child’s own designs and show progression throughout their learning journey as artists.

In Early Years and Key Stage 1 pupils are encouraged to become artists and engineers by:

Using a range of materials to design and create.

Drawing, painting and exploring different shades and tones.

Exploring a range of artists and beginning to formulate opinions about their work.

In Key Stage 2, Pupils are encouraged to become artists and engineers by:

Consolidate and revisit the use of different media.

Improve their mastery of art and design techniques that include drawing, painting and sculpture.

Consolidate knowledge about great artists and designers and consider their history.


Whilst being Artist, Year 6 took the opportunity to use our new flexible seating arrangements.  They children really enjoyed this and it is something that we will embrace across the curriculum as the year progresses.

Fossil Making

After learning about fossils earlier in the week, the children enjoyed moulding clay and creating their very own.

A selection of art and design work  from across Early Years to KS1

Year 5 exploring Spanish Art

Year 6 love to enjoy creative activities. Here we are creating our own solar systems!