Sea Mills Primary is developing a curriculum which embeds curiosity and imagination into our learning. Our main aim is to provide exciting, stimulating enquiry- based learning in which the children become fully absorbed using a cross-curricular approach. We strive to encompass as many relevant curriculum subjects into each enquiry, making them relevant and meaningful for our children.

We seek to link and use the local area to support our learning as it is full of rich history, heritage, cultural diversity and geographical and scientific interest. Bristol has a fantastic range of community events over the academic year and we intend to use them to our full advantage as well as hosting some community events of our own.

We foster a love of reading; each class has a vibrant and brilliantly stocked book corner as well as an inspiring whole school library.

Our maths curriculum focuses on fluency of key number facts, reasoning and problem solving skills in as many real life contexts as possible. Our aim is to develop a deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths – a culture that produces strong, secure learning and real progress.

We want all children when they leave us to have outstanding skills in reading, writing and maths.


Aspirational and Respectful

We encourage our children to have high aspirations and strive for the best. We want our children to be respectful, responsible and proactive by the time they finish their journey at Sea Mills Primary School and move onto the next phase of their lives. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to develop and build their self-esteem and self-confidence.


Different Approaches

We use a number of different approaches to explore and deliver our enquiries to ensure we enable our children to develop all the skills they need to be confident and successful learners. All our children are involved in the planning stage of new Enquiry as we value their ideas and contributions; we believe that children learn best when they are able to steer and direct their own learning.

We want our children to be inquisitive and passionate about their learning and aim to spark a desire for lifelong learning.

 Whole School Ethos

We passionately believe in and deliver an enquiry based curriculum which builds children’s social and emotional resilience, draws upon the latest research in brain development and recognises the importance of strong relationships with parents, families and teachers.

To fulfil our aim of creating successful children who engage better in their learning and gain skills for future successes in society we have adopted a wonderful approach known as Thrive.

Through our Thrive approach of using the latest research into brain development we know that the brain has incredible plasticity. This means that new pathways can be developed in a child’s brain! Our skill as Thrive practitioners is to help the child to develop new pathways where they are needed most by using skilled assessment around six Thrive Developmental Strands.


Our Thrive practitioners have undergone rigorous training to ensure they are fully equipped to work with the wider staff team to deliver breathtakingly simple and effective strategies and activities which support the development of each unique child. These tried and tested strategies and activities are individualised for children and their families to provide unique experiences, which done repeatedly with a familiar adult do many things including:

  • developing a child’s strong sense of self-worth
  • supporting a child’s growing capacity to make sense of the world
  • supporting the development of neuronal pathways in the brain that positively contribute to healthy stress management systems
  • enabling a child to be able to think whilst having strong feelings
  • building a child’s ability to be able to make choices about their behaviour
  • building a child’s capacity to self-soothe and understand their emotions

Find Out More

At Sea Mills Primary School we follow the National Curriculum; if you would like to find out more about our curriculum and how it is delivered, please feel free to talk to a member of staff or make an appointment with the main office to come in and find out more.