COVID 19 Safety information

Key School safety measures for drop off and collection

  • Please stick to the one way systems in place throughout the school site
  • Please sanitise hands as soon as you enter the site using the sanitisers available
  • Please ensure you are entering and exiting through the correct gates and at the right times to minimise traffic of people ( please refer to the reopening plan guidance if you are unsure or where and when)
  • Please ensure you do not allow you child/ren to play on the equipment before and after school ( this includes swing ball and the trim trial)
  • Please do not sit on the picnic benches as they will have been sanitised for the children’s use
  • On collection please stand on the playground and NOT outside classroom doors, steps and grass slope
  • Only URGENT enquires will be answered at the school office otherwise this is closed to parents and queries will be answered via telephone or email ( please visit the contact us page for details)

Check if you or your child has coronavirus symptoms or call 119 and the image below.