Core Skills

Our Intent

Here at Sea Mills Primary School, through our learning across the curriculum, we teach and embed Core Learning Skills that are aimed at developing the essentials skills for learning and life.


Our Implementation

In Reception we will teach each Core Learning Skill to the children following the yearly overview

Term 1 Learning with Others

Term 2 It’s up to you!

Term 3 Reach for the Stars

Term 4 Knowing Me, Knowing You!

Term 5 Thinking Skills

Term 6 Speaking and Listening

Core Skills

For the rest of the school we implement the Core Learning Skills in a variety of ways.  Each term starts with an assembly to prompt one of the Core Learning Skill, this is led by the Head teacher.  We use discrete lessons, when appropriate, so that teachers can teach specific skills.  Another way we implement Core Learning Skill is through all areas of the curriculum.  For example, whilst being engineers children may need to work in teams. For these teams to be effective the children will use the team roles to support them.   Whilst being a scientist they may need to use their thinking skills to makes links to previous learning in order to make a prediction.  Teachers will use these tools across learning in all areas so children are continually practising and building on these key skills.

Team Roles
learning journey
thinking pathway
thinking hats